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Islamic Studies Courses for Kids: A Fun and Engaging Way to Learn About Islam

Kids learning Islamic Studies with interactive methods

Introduction to Islamic courses for Kids:

QuranHost has devised this series of courses for young kids to learn and comprehend Islam. These courses are specially designed for young kids, with special features. These features are formulated especially for kids to understand Islamic beliefs interestingly and appealingly.

Importance of Islamic Studies for Kids:

Islamic Studies for Kids course is a much valuable course for kids. It is significant for Muslim kids to learn and understand Islamic studies at an early age. Early childhood is the best time for Muslim kids to build an understanding of the fundamental beliefs of Islam. A child who got familiar with his primary beliefs at an early age develops a strong understanding and firm belief in his belief system. Such is the case with Muslim kids.

Islamic education can help children develop strong moral character.

Benefits of Learning Islam at an Early Age:

Benefits of Learning Islam at an Early Age

Learning Islam at Early Age

Learning and understanding your belief system at an early age sets a strong foundation for your religious principles. This is quite a beneficial phenomenon for every religion-based society. Let’s have a look at the benefits that you can get by enrolling your kids in the Islamic Course for kids.

Islamic education can help children develop a sound understanding of right and wrong


Developing a Strong Moral Compass:

Developing a Strong Moral Compass. benefits of islam When a kid starts learning Islamic beliefs at an early age, he gets familiar with the moral values of Islam. As Islam has the highest moral values among all the divine religions. When a kid gets familiar with the moral values of Islam at an early age, he develops a strong moral compass. Which helps him grow his personality positively.

Learning About Islamic Culture and History:

When a child learns an Islamic studies course, he studies everything about Islamic culture. Islamic culture is a rich culture with many shades in different regions of the world. Another important thing that a Muslim Kid learns in this course is Islamic history. Kids learn Islamic history briefly and comprehensively. This helps him understand the evolution of Islam.

Islamic education can help children grow spiritually


Building a Connection to their Faith:

young child sitting in masjid, looking up quran hadith m fiqa m aqidha and islamic history

Building connection to Allah

When a kid learns an Islamic studies course, he becomes acquainted with his belief system at an early age. This connects the kid with his belief system, which results in developing a strong connection between the kids with their faith. This connection makes them better and practicing Muslims in their adulthood.

Salient Features of Islamic studies course for kids:

Islamic studies course for kids consists of five sections.

  • Quran
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh 
  • Aqidah
  • Islamic History


  1. Quran studies consist of Quran recitation, Quran Memorization, Learn Quran with Tajweed, and Tafseer e Quran.
  2. Hadith part deals with the introduction of Sahah e Sitta to the kids. It also includes the primary book of Ahadith i.e. Rayad us Saliheen
  3. Fiqh consists of Fiqh essentials of Islamic jurisprudence. This also contains advanced topics about Islamic laws and jurisprudence (fiqh)
  4. Aqidah deals with the primary beliefs of a Muslim society. Shahada, Prayer, observing fast, Hajj, zakat etc are the parts of the primary Aqaid of Islam.
  5. Islamic History contains a brief introduction to Islamic history. It gives an induction of the important aspects of Islamic history in a kid’s mind.

Islamic Studies Course

A fun way to study Islam

This course is specially designed for your kids to learn everything they need to learn about Islam in a fun and engaging way.

The course consists of fun-oriented teaching techniques, which contain,

  • Interactive discussions
  • Asking frequent questions
  • Making the students guess by giving them hints.
  • Using coloring, matching, and labeling techniques for creating fun-based learning.

Audio and Video Learning:

Quran tutors use audio and video teaching ads to create an interesting method of teaching. They play videos before and after the lectures to enhance kids’ learning. This visual learning attracts the kids to enjoy their learning procedure.


Islamic courses for kids are a series of different courses based on interesting techniques to teach kids everything about Islam. The course deals with teaching the kids about Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, and Aqaid. QuranHost has designed this course for little kids to build a strong connection of the kids with Islam. We do it interestingly and engagingly at QuranHost. Sign Up and get your kid registered to explore, learn, and engagingly comprehend Islam.

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