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18 Fascinating Facts About Islam

Fantastic Facts About Islam

Islam is the last divine religion sent to humanity from Allah Almighty. It is the last religion that Allah Almighty revealed to His last Prophet Muhammad SAW. Previous religions were sent to the specific nations and their teachings were confined to the particular nation. But Islam bore a universal message for the entire humanity. Islam brought the divine teachings that are applicable till the day of judgment.

We mostly discuss the spiritual aspects of Islam. But here we are unveiling interesting facts about Islam to understand the pleasurable facts about Islam.

The Origin and History of Islam:

Pre-Islamic Arabia:

Arab was a tribal region with a typical history of tribal wars and quarrels. Petty disputes converted into huge wars. There was political and social chaos all around Arabia. In this situation, Islam came into existence.

Islam came into existence when Allah Almighty revealed Quran to Prophet Muhammad SAW in Arab. The chief of the angels, Gabriel AS brought the message of Islam to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Early Conquests and Spread of Faith: 

Initially, Islam was confined to Makkah, then it spread to Madinah, to other regions, and then ultimately to the entire world. The very first conquest of the Muslims occurred in Ghazwa e Badar. That was the first encounter between the pagan Arabs and the believers. After that Muslims have a history of ruling the vast area of the world.

Five pillars of Islam:

Islam as a religion has five pillars

The Teachings and Principles of Islam:

  • Tawheed (the oneness of Allah) is a primitive belief according to Islam. The entire faith of a Muslim revolves around Monotheism.
  • To believe in the day of judgment is another primary principle of Islam. According to this belief, the concept of life after death is obligatory. A reward for one’s virtues or wickedness will appear on the day of judgment, according to Islamic principles.
  • Islamic law and its practical application is called Sharia. According to Islam, there is a strong concept of Jihad. This concept is wrongly understood in the modern age.

Women in Islam:


Islam gives equal rights to men and women. Islam appeared in Arabs, where women were not given basic rights. Even the girls were buried alive in their infancy. They were not given the rights of inheritance.

Islam gave the right of inheritance to women in every relationship. They are given an inheritance from their fathers, husbands, and sons.

Islam gave the highest rank to a woman when she is a woman. She is bestowed with a brother’s unconditional love as a sister. As a daughter, she is the apple of the eye of his parents.

Misconceptions and the Reality of Women:

There are numerous misconceptions about women’s role in Islamic society. It is said that the Islamic concept of covering a woman restricts her to prosper in different fields of life. But it is a wrong concept. Women of Islam are allowed to prosper in every walk of life, following the boundaries taught by Islam.

Islamic Ethics and Morality:

There are two types of rights

  • Huqooq ul Allah, Rights of Allah
  • Huqooq ul Ibaad, Rights of People.

The rights of Allah are significant according to Islam. The rights of people included dealing among the people in a society. Islam gives importance to the Huqooq ul Ibaad.

  • Islam believes in sympathy, compassion, and charity. These are the basic teachings of Islam. Charity included the obligatory charity i.e. Zakat and the devotional charity i.e. Sadaqaat.
  • Islam gives a unique concept of Halal and Haram to its followers. Halal are the things and doings that are permissible in Islam. Like Nikah make a relationship between a man and a woman Halal.

Zabeeha makes the animals Halal for eating. Harams are the things and doings that are forbidden in Islam. Like drinking wine is Haram in Islam. Gambling is a haram act according to Islam.

Islamic Holidays and Festivals:


Islam is not only a complete code of spending a worldly and spiritual life. But it also allows the believers to rejoice in themselves. There are certain rituals that Allah Almighty has given us to rejoice in ourselves and to make us marry. The festivals are

Eid ul Fitar:

Eid ul Fitr is the most enjoyable ritual of Islam. The believers celebrate this festival after fasting for the entire month of Ramadan. It is a reward for fasting the month of Ramazan. The Muslims celebrate this ritual with great zeal and a religious fest.

Eid Ul Adha:

Eid ul Adha is famous for cattle sacrifice. It is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim AS. Muslims around the globe sacrifice cattle and distribute their meat among the poor, the needy, and their loved ones.

Muslims around the globe celebrate this festival with religious passion.

Eid Milad un Nabi SAW:

This is another religious ritual performed with religious festivity. Though this is not an obligatory ritual yet it is celebrated with religious zeal. Muslims celebrate this ritual on the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW’s birth is the most joyful event for every Muslim.

These are some jubilant rituals of Islam. Then certain sacred nights are celebrated with religious enthusiasm. Some of them are;

Shab e Mairaj

Shab e Qadar

Shab e Bar’at

On these holy nights, the Muslims offer devotional prayers and give alms to the poor and needy.


What is the difference between Islam and the Muslims?

Islam is a religion which is destined to follow by all the believers. A Muslim is one who believes in Islam as a religion.

Is the Quran the only religious text according to Islam?

The Quran is the only religious scripture sent by Allah SWT to Prophet Muhammad SAW, through revelation. But Ahadith books are another collection of religious commands. Religious scholars had collected Ahadith with great struggle.

Are all Muslims required to perform Hajj?

No, Hajj is only a religious obligation for the privileged class of Muslims.


Islam not only believes in the spiritual uplift of the believers. But it allows the believers to rejoice in themselves. Islam gives two major religious rituals to the believers to enjoy themselves. Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha and Eid Milad un Nabi are the most important religious rituals according to Islam. QuranHost gives you an opportunity for you and your children to learn much more about Islam and Quran. Our different courses help you to learn about Islam thoroughly

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