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QuranHost offers Ijazah Online Programs to brothers and sisters who want to obtain Ijazah (Certification) in Quran Memorization and Tajweed. It is a One-on-One Online Course with certified male and female Native-Arab teachers. You can take your classes anytime without disturbing your daily routine.

What is Ijazah?

Ijazah is an Arabic word that means Authorization, Certification, or endorsement. In the Quran Recitation context, Ijazah means permission from a certified Imam or Sheikh that its holder has the highest degree in reading Quran with Tajweed perfectly. He is eligible to be a teacher of Quran Memorization or Tajweed. It also allows an Ijazah holder to be granted an Ijazah certificate to other learners.

In other words, Ijazah is official permission given to high experts that they are qualified enough to teach Quran reading with Tajweed and Memorization.

After completing this Online Ijazah course successfully, students get a certificate and Ijazah/permission from a certified Shaikh or Imam, who has Ijazah from learned scholars of Al-Azhar University Egypt.

Teachers for Ijazah

We have certified native Arab teachers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan for this course. All the teachers are very experienced, and Ijazah qualified from famous Islamic Universities like Al-Azhar in Egypt.

Female Teacher for Ijazah

We also have female teachers for the Ijazah program online. Sisters and daughters, who are interested in this course, can take their classes with female teachers. You can take 3 to 5 online classes during a week from your home, at any time suitable for you.

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Types of Ijazah?

We offer following 3 types of Online Ijazah Course

  • Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed
  • Ijazah in Quran Memorization/Hifz-ul Quran
  • Ijazah in 10 Qiraat

The students of Online Ijazah course will study Tajweed book and memorize Tajweed rules with its practical application.

How does Ijazah Work Online?

1- During online classes, the teacher will listen to your recitation of Quran and will correct your mistakes of Tajweed and accent.

2- In Quran Memorization Ijazah, the student will recite a part of the Quran by hear during each session. The teacher will listen to him very carefully and will correct all his mistakes to ensure reading Quran with Tajweed by heart without mistakes.

Upon successful completion of Online Ijazah course you will get a certificate from Al-Azhar qualified Quran Teachers.

  • Revision of the epistle “Al-muqaddima” (Muhammad ibn al-Jazaari )
  • Revision of the epistle “Aqlla atrab al-qasdid asa al-maqaasid” (Abu Muhammad al-Qaasim al-Shaatibi)

Note: Students who have not learned or studied these two epistles will be able to take classes of Ijaza if he has previously studied the rules of Tajweed.

What we offer:

1- Ijazah in the ten Juzz of Holy Quran

Help in memorizing Ten Juzz of Qur’an via the most effective classical methods taught by our well qualified teachers.

2- Ijazah in the Quran Memorization

Help in memorizing Qur’an as a whole via the most effective classical methods taught by our teachers.

3- Ijazah in the Holy Quran, in Warsh and KALON recitations

4- Ijazah in Qur’an recitation

Correcting Pronunciation (Makharij) of Arabic alphabets, learning Tajweed rules and practicing recitation extensively. Levels are For Beginner, Intermediate and Advance students.

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