Terms and Conditions for Students/Parents

  • QuranHost’s team is pleased to welcome you to QuranHost.
  • We are committed to giving you a quality education in a high-end and Positive Environment with transparent policies.
  • Therefore, please read the following terms and conditions and follow them.

Daily Classes Schedule-rules for Absence from Class!

  • Once confirmed schedule should be followed regularly, it can only be changed in case of any emergency/or if there is any time-related issue found, but the frequent changes of schedule may raise problems for teachers.
  • Please don’t discuss and Finalize the class schedule with the teachers without informing the Admin Team. Since in the end, it will affect your classes and learning process.
  • We have guided the teachers to start class on time, but if your teacher is late for more than 5 minutes, please let us know by WhatsApp immediately, otherwise, the Academy will not be responsible for any missed class.
  • If you want to take leave from a lesson, you should have to inform the Admin Team at least 1 hour before class time.
  • If you don’t inform and remain absent from your lesson without any notice your class will be marked as absent and there will be no making up for it.
  • QuranHost holds the right to cancel the classes for any student who remains absent from more than 03 classes without any prior notice. Request for funds will also not be entertained in such cases.
  • There will be no refund for missed classes, however, the student can make ups for it, if he/she has sent a prior notice to the admin.
  • You can take make-up for your missed classes within 30 days. After 30 days no classes would be rescheduled or refunded.

Payment rules to follow!

  • Monthly Fees will be payable in advance every month from the date you get registered. After the trial classes, you will get the privilege to discuss the fee plans of the desired course with the admin team, so you have to pay it on the due date.
  • If you face any problems while paying the bills or have any concerns about the monthly dues, please contact the billing department.
  • QuranHost reserves the right to stop the classes if the payment is overdue for more than 7 days without any notice or excuse.
  • Once you start the classes in a month, you have to pay the full fees for that month.


  • We care about the security of our customers. You can also be requested not to share your contact information like phone number, email address, social media accounts, credit card information, etc. with any teacher. QuranHost will not be responsible in the case of any misuse.
  • Teachers are also not allowed to ask for or share their contact numbers, email addresses, or Social accounts with students or parents, if anyone does so, please inform us urgently.
  • Please don’t discuss payments, or anything extra with teachers. In these cases, contact the Admin immediately.

Your Feedback matters a lot.

Your feedback regarding the classes, teacher, courses, or any class routine helps us to improve our service.

Please let them know if you have any concerns, complaints, or inquiries.
We will highly appreciate it.

Thank You for being with us

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