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The Curriculum of Islamic Studies: A Guide for Students

about the curriculum of Islamic studies course.

The Future of Islamic Studies Education

Islamic Studies course is a new initiative taken by QuranHost. It is a series of courses designed especially for little kids. These courses are planned to keep in view the learning capacity and fun-loving nature of the kids. We have engagingly intended these courses. Little kids enjoy the whole learning process. Let’s discuss the curriculum of the course.

Scheme of Study:

A visual representation of the five sections of the Islamic Studies course for kids: Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History, and Aqidah.

slamic Knowledge with Our Kids’ Islamic Studies Course

Islamic Studies course for kids is a complete set of curriculums based on different aspects of the Quranic knowledge. Let’s have a look at the scheme of study of this course. Islamic studies course for kids consists of five sections.

  • Quran
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh
  • Islamic History

Quran Studies:

Quran studies contain different aspects of Quranic knowledge. We have formulated the following courses for Quran studies.

 An illustrative depiction of the diverse Quran studies courses for kids: Recitation, Memorization, Tafseer, and Tajweed.

Quran Studies Courses

Quran Recitation:

This part of the Quran course is aimed at teaching your kids to recite Quran. This course is done under the supervision of skilled and learned Quran teachers. In this course, your kids will learn to recite the Quran with Tajweed rules.

Quran Memorization:

Quran Memorization course contains the pathway for your kids to learn Quran by heart. Your kids will be able to pave the challenging path of Quran memorization easily. We have a complete road map for your kids to memorize Quran online.

Tafseer e Quran:

This subject is based on the short Tafseer e Quran for your kids. This Tafseer is aimed at providing awareness about the commandments of Allah given in the Holy Quran. This will provide a base for awareness among the kids about Islamic teachings.


The Tajweed course is formulated for the kids to learn the correct pronunciation of the Quranic verses. Your kids will learn the articulation of Arabic alphabets. This helps the kids to learn the proper phonation of Quranic Arabic.

Fiqh Studies:

Islamic laws and jurisprudence are called Fiqh. It is a separate branch of Islamic knowledge, which is very important to learn and comprehend by Muslims. Fiqh studies contain the following two sections.

Fiqh Essentials:

This course consists of basic knowledge of Islamic Fiqh. This part discusses the four prominent schools of thought in Fiqh. This part contains the history and background of Islamic Fiqh.

Advanced Topics about Fiqh:

This part contains the fiqhi status of the problems of modern life. The modern age has many modern issues that did not exist at the time of prime Fuqaha. We teach the kids these problems and their solutions according to Islamic laws and jurisprudence.

Islamic History:

This part of the Islamic studies course contains Islamic history. History contains the details of the hardships that came in the course of spreading Islam. Thus, the kids can understand the struggle of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him and his companions in spreading Islam. This course contains a brief of Islamic history and a comprehensive narration of the important events of Islamic history.


Hadith Studies:

Hadith studies contain two significant sections for the kids. This part of Islamic courses for kids contains important Ahadith for young kids. We aim this course at developing a connection between the kids and our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Ahadith are the second most authentic source of Islamic laws after the Quran.

Hadith series contains the following curriculum;

Sahih Hadith Series:

This series contains several selected Sahih Ahadith from Sahah e Sitta (the seven authentic books of Ahadith). This series contains Ahadith that are necessary for the kids to learn and understand. Most of the Ahadith are based on the ethical values of Islam.

Rayadh us Saliheen:

It is one of the beginers books for the students of Hadith.

Aqidah Studies:

Aqidah studies deal with different primary beliefs of Islam. This course focuses on getting young kids familiar with the basic aqaid of Islam.

Teaching Methods Used by the Quran Tutors:

We have designed this series of courses, especially for kids. This is the reason that we use interactive and interesting methods of teaching young kids. We use games, activities, and hands-on projects to engage the kids to engage them in the learning process.


Islamic Studies for Kids course is a series of different courses. The courses are aimed at making kids acquainted with different aspects of Islamic studies. These courses contain the study of the Quran, hadith, Fiqh, Aqidah, and Islamic history. If you want to make your kids learn everything about Islam, join QuranHost. You can get your kids registered and get a free trial class. Learning an Islamic Studies course is an interesting way of learning and comprehending Islam.

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