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Best Online Quran Qari

best online Quran Qari

Quran reading or learning Quran is a religious obligation of every Muslim. Allah Almighty commanded every Muslim to learn to read Quran. Quran in fact is the last divine message. It contains the final commandments of Allah SWT. Allah SWT has described all important aspects of Islam.

But a Muslim can only understand the message of Allah SWT, when he is able to understand Quran. You can understand Quran by joining any online Quran institute. You can understand Quran when you learn Quran from a skilled Teacher. Quran memorization and Tajweed needs a Hafiz and skilled Qari. If you are willing to learn Quran from a skilled Qari, QuranHost gives you an opportunity to memorize Quran from expert Quran teachers.

Features of Online Quran Tutors

QuranHost has hired a squad of skilled and highly Qualified Quran teachers. We have following characteristics in our Quran teachers;

Highly Qualified:

The most significant feature of our Quran teachers is their qualification and skill. Our Quran teachers are qualified from renowned Quran institutes and Madaris like Jamia Al-Azhar and International Islamic University. All of them are not only Huffaz but have degrees from renowned Universities from all over the world. These highly qualified Huffaz work hard for their students.

Highly Skilled Qura’a:

Our Qari sahiban for Quran are highly skilled in their relevant field. They are expert in Tajweed rules. They have mastered in the skill. We have taken into account the skill of melodious Quran recitation of the Qura’a.

Expert in English, Urdu and Arabic:

We have hired expert quran teachers, who have equal expertise in Urdu, English and Arabic. This is a substantial feature of a Quran teacher as it bridges communication gap between the teacher and the student. Most of our students on QuranHost are Pakistani born foreigners, who have problems in understanding Urdu. The teacher has to use English language to communicate with the students. Similarly we have hired native Arab teachers, who has perfect expertise in Arabic language. This combination of different languages enhance the communication between the teachers and the students.

Native Arab Teachers:


We, at QuranHost has many native Arab teachers from Egypt. All of them are qualified from Jamia Al-Aazhar from Egypt. These native Arab teachers has special grip on Arabic as a language and on Islamic teachings. These teachers are an asset for our institute.

Female Teachers for Female Students:

We have hired female teachers for our Islamic sisters and for young kids. Female students feel convenient to study with female Quran tutors. We have hired local female teachers and native Arab female teachers as well. Our female teachers are equally qualified as our male teachers are. They have expertise on English, Urdu and Arabic at the same time.

Courses Taught by Qari for Quran

At QuranHost, we have offered many Quran courses, but those taught by Qari are as follows;

  • Quran recitation course is one of thye basic courses. This course is taught by skilled Qura’a. After completing this course the student is able to read Quran accurately.
  • Quran Memorization online course is an important course which is conducted by Qari for Quran at QuranHost. For this course we have Huffaz and skilled Qura’a.
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed course is another course which is conducted by Qari for Quran at QuranHost. For this course we have hired skilled teachers who are expert in Tajweed rules. They are also equally expert in reciting Quran melodiously with accurate accent.

FAQs about Qari for Quran:

Write the names of some famous Qaris of Quran:

  • Qari Abdul Rahman Ibn e Abdul aziz As-Sudais
  • Qari Mishari Rashid Al-Afasi
  • Qari Abu Bakr Al-Shatri
  • Qari Hani Al-Rifae

How anyone can become a Qari for Quran?

  • One has to learn to recite Quran at first.
  • The next step is to memorize Quran by heart.
  • Then one has to learn Tajweed rules thoroughly.
  • The final step is to practice Quran recitation again and again.

Which Sahabi was the best reciter of Holy Quran?

Hazrat Zaid bin Thabit RA was the best reciter of Holy Quran among all the companions of Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon Him.

Write the names of some Qiraats of the Quran?

There are ten Qiraat with which we can recite the Quran, some of them are as follows;

  • Qirat Abu Amr Al-Basri
  • Qirat Hamza Al-Kufi
  • Qirat Asim Al-Kufi
  • Qirat Al-Kisaai

Who was the first Qari of Quran?

The very first Qari of Quran was Prophet Muhammad SAW. When angel Jibrael AS came to the cave of Hira with the first revelation, Prophet Muhammad SAW was the first reciter of the Quran.


If you are looking for a skilled Qari for Quran, who can guide you in Quran recitation and make you learn Quran accurately. QuranHost has complete solution for this problem. We, at our institute has a bunch of trained and highly educated Quran teachers. We also have native Arab teachers, who has equal grip on English language and communication. Come and join the institute, join free trial classes to have a look at our educational system, before taking admission.

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