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Islam was bestowed on mankind about fourteen hundred years ago. For this Nobel mission, Allah sent the best of his messengers Prophet (SAW). Before that Allah bestowed other religions on to humanity with their respective messengers and respective Holy Books. Islam was not dawned on humanity all at once; instead, it was dawned on humanity over a long period of time in forms of other religions with having some teachings of Islam of the present day. If it were dawned on humanity all at once the humanity would have not been able to take the load of it. Islam was revealed to humanity over a very long period of time. Islam is the most perfect of religions and that is why many lives were sacrificed for the Nobel cause of Islam. That is why the Islamic teachings remain with us as they had remained with other Muslims back when Islam was bestowed onto humanity. The Islamic teachings have not been modified in any way, shape, or form. The beloved Islamic teachings offer the best code of conduct that can be implemented in people’s lives to make their lives as perfect as they can be. House of Quran will provide you learning about the Quran and Islamic  teacher you might be interested .

Gaining Islamic knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim and learning and teaching it to others is -no doubt- the best way to get success in this life and in the hereafter. The messenger of Allah; Muhammad (SAW) had a great emphasis on learning Islamic knowledge, He said:

Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.

Learning the basic knowledge of Islam and teaching it to our kids is very essential for us. In our today’s digital life, learning Islamic teachings has become very easy but at the same time, very complicated also. We listen, everything is available on the internet, search and read, but not all that is available on the internet can be said to be true and credible. Therefore, we have to be very careful about where you and your kids are learning Islamic teachings. Who are they and what they teach is very important.

To counter this scenario, QuranHost has prepared a very compressive and concise Online Islamic Teachings course. This Online Islamic Course covers all the basic topics which are necessary for a Muslim to know.

These days most importantly kids do not have a clear picture of the Islamic teachings, it is very important for them to have the knowledge of Islamic teaching so they can implement them in their lives for a better life. It is very important to get the true picture of Islam to our kids and the current world. There are many misconceptions and myths about Islam which should be removed from the minds of our new generation with the help of an online Islamic learning academy that is supported by QuranHost. Islamic Teaching Online classes are just like the physical classes at a school where you and your teacher can discuss any topic about Islam, that way it can be a valuable resource for online Islamic studies learning. This positive ambition by QuranHost can be very valuable for every Muslim out there who wants to learn Islamic teachings. You can ask all your questions about any Islamic issue or sharia rules and regulations that would otherwise have been unanswered.

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Islamic Education Online

This is the age of technology and fast communication. You or your kids don’t need to go out for learning Quran, Memorizing Quran or Learning Islamic Education. Just open your laptop and take your live class with the well-known qualified and expert Islamic Scholars.

Islamic Education Course Outline:

Following is an overview of the course outline but it is not limited to these points. It can be extended on the student demand or requirement:

QuranHost provides online classes on Islamic Education with qualified online tutors in a very interesting way to build a strong foundation of learners with the moral lessons especially to the kids living in Non-Muslim countries.

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