What Parents and Students Say About Us?

Spinghar Safi Germany

I can only recommend QuranHost for all those parents who need Online Quran Teaching for their kids. My two kids both finished Quran Online in a very short time. Learned prayers, Dua’s and Short Surat’s.Thank you very much. May Allah reward you for it.

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Nighat Saleem Harrow, United Kingdom

Alhumdulillah my 3 children are being taught since 2018, and I have been so impressed by the Tajweed taught by Quran Teachers. Quranhost are very professional and patient and soft spoken. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

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Mrs A Baig

I am very happy with our sons Quran teacher. My son is really enjoying and making great progress. I would highly recommend as a great and convenient way to learn Quran. Thank you so much.

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Fatoumata Conde Kaba Spring USA

Great program. The teachers are very responsive and dedicated. My son loves it and is learning so much already. Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for achievement in learning Quran and Arabic.


Hosna FakhriDenmark

I am so happy to learn reading Holy Quran with my teacher at QuranHost. The teacher is the best and I like her too much. She can help you in learning everything about Islam.

I’ve always wanted to read Quran and thought I could never do it alone without help, but since I have started reading with QuranHost I can now read all by myself. Thanks to QuranHost!

I recommend QuranHost to all who want to learn Quran, many duas, prayers and information about Islam.


Salma GhadbanOrleans Canada

Quran host is amazing.My son has learnt so much from his teacher in a very short time. Living in Canada is hard to keep children up with religion and learning Quran but with QuranHost he has learnt so much in only a few months. Everyone is amazing and accommodate your availability always. If you message them you get answers right away. The teachers are always giving parents updates. It’s a wonderful program.

Sammy SaleemUSA

At first, I was very hesitant about online classes and how I would be able to succeed, but after one class with QuranHost I felt very confident and excited.

The tutor is a wonderful teacher with great abilities to teach. He is very patient with me and very understanding considering all the classes I missed, he is very flexible with me and my kids. He does what it takes to satisfy his students.

I highly recommend him to anyone. Try out his classes as I promise you will not be disappointed. What are you waiting for, get your free trials and you will be very pleased.

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Shabina IslamTexas, USA

I very highly recommend this Online Quran Academy to anyone who is interested in learning Quran for themselves or their children.

All the teachers are professional and highly educated. My kids have successfully completed the Quran and are currently revising.

Please support this platform of education and share it with others so they can attain the knowledge of the Quran in a correct manner.

Many thanks to Hafiz Muhammad Irfan and his entire team for all your efforts to teach my children Quran. I am forever grateful to you, may Allah SWT grant you success in all aspect in life. Ameen.

Tamana AbubakarDenmark

I have been taken classes with a teacher at QuranHost for over a year and let me tell you that I have learned so much about the Holy Quran, prayer and overall Islam.

I was not very optimistic when my sisters told me to start classes on Skype but I never felt like the teacher was apart. After I took the classes I discovered that I had so many mistakes in reading the Holy Quran and even offering namaz. My teachers not only taught me Qur’an but also taught me everything in Islam. I have been very happy and satisfied with the service and I will recommend everyone to at least take trials to see how amazing and instructive the classes are.

I will also be thankful that I learned the Holy Qur’an properly. My best regards.


Haris AhmadSwitzerland

At the beginning, I was very sceptical about learning the Holy Quran through online classes. I was worried and wondering whether I will improve to learn Quran or not.

But, Me and my sister Nada Ahmadi start Quran learning with QuranHost.com. After only one class we both realized that it is on a professional level and the teachers are well informed. So now me my sister and my father take online classes and we are very satisfied with the service QuranHost offers.

Me and my sister are learning with different teachers but all the teachers at QuranHost are very professional, expert and patient with us. I highly recommend QuranHost for all who wants to learn Quran.


Afdhal SaifullahRochdale, UK

Alhamdulillah, I’m really enjoying my Online Quran classes. Not only are you a very good teacher, but you’re also very responsive to my messages. The one aspect that has been of great satisfaction is the convenience of the classes. All I need is my iPad and I’m ready to do the class.

The one to one attention is great, and I do feel like I’m improving a lot in a short span of time, alhamdulillah.

The classes are very interactive, and I get to ask questions. The beauty of studying at QuranHost is that not only are the scholars highly qualified, the program itself is also well structured.

Allah knows best, I might continue to study with you for my hifz, Arabic, Tafseer and Hadith classes, in sha Allah.

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Arzo AfzaliDenmark

“I live in Randers, Denmark and working as an Engineer. Here in my city, there is no Masjid or Imam (Islamic teacher) who can teach us Quran. So, me and my siblings started to learn reading Quran Online with QuranHost. After a few months, we all could read the Quran with Tajweed ourselves.

Our teacher taught us how to read Quran and pray correctly and much more. He is the best Quran teacher that one can get. He will not let you go before you learned the lesson correctly. He will reply to all your questions about Islam.

I always wanted to learn Quran and I am here today and can read by myself. I am very thankful and my prayers will always be with him and his family. I recommend QuranHost for all parents who want to teach their kids to learn Quran with Tajweed at home.”


Khatera Pahiz

I struggled many times to learn Quran reading but I couldn’t succeed in it. A few months ago, my friend Hosna informed me about QuranHost.

When I took the trial classes, I found it very helpful and amazing. I started 5 days classes with my teacher Online and now I feel blessed to be able to read Quran with Tajweed under great supervision.

it’s a dream for me and it’s becoming reality. It is a huge blessing to read and teach Quran. Thank you again very much and please continue to help others in this journey of life.

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Ndoumbeh SeccaUS

I am very satisfied with the classes…
I am very satisfied with the classes I’ve been taking with this academy. Sadia Shaheen is a very good teacher, she’s very patient and has helped me so much. From when I started till now my Quran knowledge has increased immensely. She is honestly the best. I even have recommended this academy to two of my friends because of her. I am very happy.

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Aziz MogaddediUS

Learning Quran (shrif)
I am thankful Allah (SWT) for guiding me to this web side to learn our Holly book . Excellent teachers with patience taking their time to make sure that we learn the basic and slowly focusing on student for better success . I really recommend these talented professionals for any one who wants learn Islamic study 🙏🏼🤲

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Bibish AliUS

Have been with them over a year
Have been with them over a year, they go above and beyond, they do care about their students and their progress, they try their best to work with their students schedule, will keep them as long as I can InshaAllah.

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Mayar KrishiGB

Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy with my classes and progressing well. I am very happy with my teacher too. Your service is excellent. Always responding efficiently. Overall, I’m very happy with my experience.


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Aziz MogaddediGB

Had the best experience and learned so…
Had the best experience and learned so much couldn’t of been happier with the teacher she was so lovely definitely happy with the classes there providing me 😌

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