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Tips to Memorize Quran Online

tips to memorize Quran online

Online Quran memorization has become widespread these days. Quran learning has got digitalized in the post corona era. Memorizing Quran online is a convenient and easy method as compared to memorizing Quran from any mosque or madrassa. QuranHost is one of the pioneers in online Quran institutes. At QuranHost we have the best squad of trained and skilled Quran tutors for our valued clients. Our finest online Quran memorization course has set special standards for people who are eager to Learn Quran Online.

Tips to Memorize Quran Online:

Quran memorization is a dream for every Muslim but it’s a tough job. But certain tips and tricks can make this tough job an easy one. Here are some of the tricks;


The Sincerity of Intention:

Islam lays great stress on purity of intention. Every act of a believer will be judged based on his intention on the day of judgment. So to memorize Quran online, it is significant to set a sincere intention. The intention should be to please Allah SWT, not to seek the attention of the folks. With purity of intention, Quran memorization will be a doable thing.

Seek the help of a Trained Teacher:

Seeking the help of a trained Quran tutor can be helpful in Quran memorization online. In online Quran learning there is a chance of seeking help from trained teachers around the globe. If you join any online Quran institute like QuranHost, you can get an opportunity to acquire help from Egyptian Quran teachers. That can be helpful in an arduous journey of Quran memorization.

Seek Admission to Any Reputable Online Quran Academy:

Every reliable Quran academy has a group of skilled teachers for online Quran learning. So seeking admission to a reputable online Quran academy is helpful in Quran memorization.

Repetition and Revision:

Repetition and revision is the key to learning something. Similar is the case with Quran memorization. You should set a scheduled time for revising your lesson daily. In addition, lesson can be revised in prayers five times a day. This activity can enhance memory and make Quran memorization convenient.


  1. What are some reliable apps or websites for Quran memorization online?

There are many reputable online apps and websites for Quran memorization. A few of them are as follows;

  • QuranHost is one of the most real websites to memorize the Quran online.
  • Learn Quran App is another app that can be helpful for Quran memorization.
  • Al Mishkah is another reputable Quran learning app for Quran memorization.
  1. How can I stay focused and disciplined while using online platforms?

It is significant to stay focused and disciplined while using an online platform for Quran memorization. You can stay focused by;

  • Specifying a period for your learning.
  • Another step that you can take is to specify a room for your learning process. There should be a minimum of distraction in that place.
  1. Are there any specific strategies for memorizing Quran online?

Yes, there are many successful strategies to memorize Quran online. If we adopt these strategies, they can work wonders in the difficult journey of Quran Memorization.

  1. Are there any interactive features or tools available for online platforms for learning Quran?

Yes, there are many interactive features or tools present on online platforms for Quran memorization. These include Zoom App, Wt’s app, and Skype. All these platforms are interactive.

How can I ensure the authenticity and accuracy of Quran memorization resources?

In this digital age, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of a digital platform for Quran memorization is very easy. Every app has a special section in the app that for reviews. Reviews of clients are the primary source of checking the authenticity of the given website.


We can say that Quran memorization has become a convenient experience with online Quran memorization. Any reputable online Quran institute like QuranHost can be helpful for Quran memorization. Online Quran learning apps can be a perfect learning aid for persons who want to memorize Quran online. QuranHost has designed an online Quran memorization course. This course aims at minimizing hurdles in the Quran memorization journey. Come and get yourself registered for the Quran memorization journey.

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