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Quranic Arabic refers to the language in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over Fourteen (14) centuries ago. It’s not just a language but a key that unlocks the depths of Islamic teachings.

Quranic Arabic has a vital role in Islamic scholarships. Islamic scholars rely on the original Arabic texts and extract legal rulings based on which Islamic principles and laws are evolved to avoid any misinterpretation and distortion.

You can learn Quran Arabic online at Quran Host . It comes with lots of advantages including taking classes at your own pace in the comfort of your home, flexible timings, and in the supervision of native Arabic teachers.

What is Quranic Arabic?

“ Quranic Arabic as its name says is the Arabic of Quran- the language in which it was revealed fourteen hundred years ago on the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It has a unique vocabulary, astonishing grammatical structures, and deep emotion which is distinct from other Arabic forms”.


Benefits of Quranic Arabic Proficiency:

Proficiency in the Quranic Arabic has several benefits. It contributes both to the spiritual and personal growth of the individual. Understanding the Quran in the language in which it was revealed allows one to directly engage with its teachings and develop a profound understanding of Allah’s message.

It also serves as a foundation to pursue advanced Islamic studies leading to a more informed and meaningful practice of Islam.


Techniques For Quranic Arabic :

Quranic vocabulary is a vital element in Quran acquisition and a root cause of connecting to its teachings. The strategies listed below will help you build a strong Quranic vocabulary

Word Root Analysis:

Most Arabic words have roots that convey the core meaning and consist of three consonants. Their understanding will help you recognize patterns in the language and make connections between related words.

Contextual learning:

In this type of learning, the meaning of a verse is understood by paying attention to the surrounding words and phrases rather than only focusing on memorizing words.

Making Vocabulary lists:

Create a vocabulary list for you by using flashcards or any available resources and go through that list daily. Regular practice will help you memorize words and build vocabulary faster.

Reading and Pronunciation Practice:

You can easily develop fluency in Quranic Arabic reading through consistent practice and a focused approach. Regular recitation with Tajweed (The rules set for properly pronouncing each word of the Quran)  will help you correctly pronounce the words and provide ease in reading.

Read more about Learning Quran with Tajweed

Differences between Modern Standard Arabic and Quranic Arabic:

Modern standard Arabic and Quranic Arabic are both distinct forms of the Arabic language. They differ from each other in the following ways.

  1. Modern Standard Arabic is the modern-day spoken, written, and formally used Arabic language around the Arab world in literature, media, official documents, and education. Whereas, Quranic Arabic is the one used in Quran and not formally spoken.
  2. The vocabulary used in the modern Arabic language has words borrowed from other languages and fields whereas Quranic Arabic follows a classical style and has terms that were used in times when the Quran was revealed.
  3. The grammar of Modern Arabic is simplified and has a linear sentence structure. Quranic Arabic however has complex grammatical structures and has a poetic tone.
  4. There are specific rules for the pronunciation of Quranic Arabic also known as “Tajweed” whereas modern Arabic is influenced by regional accents and follows somewhat flexible rules.
  5. The way of writing used for the modern Arabic language is modified and has some added symbols for understanding purposes and pronunciation. Quranic Arabic was written in a traditional form.

Listening and Comprehension Skills:

Improving listening and comprehension skills are essential to get a deeper understanding of the Quran and also the overall Arabic language.

Regularly listening to high-quality audio recitations recorded by skilled and experienced reciters. It will help to train your ear and you will be able to recognize sounds and patterns in the language.

Additionally, active listening and taking notes, summarizing key points whenever you are listening to audio will help increase your concentration and retention


Why Choose QuranHost?

QuranHost is an online Quran learning platform that provides multiple resources and services for individuals who are trying to understand Islamic teaching and Quran education. It has tools and features designed to facilitate Quranic education for all levels of learners from beginners to advanced students.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What are the prerequisites for learning Quranic Arabic online?

Some of the common prerequisites for learning Quranic Arabic online are:

  1. Finding a platform
  2. Reading in detail things it has to offer
  3. Timelines and schedules
  4. Tutors and their availability
  5. Deciding a budget

2.How long does it take to become proficient in Quranic Arabic?

The timeline to become proficient in Quranic Arabic depends on your understanding, memorization, and retention level and also on the duration of the course in which you are engaged.

3.Can I learn Quranic Arabic without prior knowledge of Arabic?

Yes, you can learn Quranic Arabic without having prior knowledge of Arabic. Quranic Arabic follows a separate set of rules which you can easily acquire under the supervision of experts.

4.Is QuranHost suitable for beginners?

QuranHost an online Quran learning platform has courses that are specifically designed for beginners. You can start with learning Basic Noorani Qaida and then shift to advanced-level courses.

5.Are there live instructors available for assistance?

Live instructors are available on the QuranHost website for assistance. QuranHost offers Quranic Arabic classes with experienced and qualified teachers who also provide personalized guidance. You can always contact the Quranhost support team for getting the most up-to-date information

6.Can I receive certification for Quranic Arabic proficiency?

QuranHost offers Quranic Arabic courses with a structured curriculum designed to help learners develop proficiency in learning. Upon completion of the course, a certificate of completion is provided.


Quranic Arabic is a profound and unique language and has significant value in understanding the correct teachings of the Quran. Learning Quranic Arabic through a trusted platform like QuranHost will help you get numerous advantages, including studying at your own pace, flexible timings, and guidance from native Arabic teachers.  Enrolling Arabic  course will help learners get a deeper and more direct understanding of the Quranic words and verses.

Enroll in the QuranHost Quranic Arabic course now. Contact our team for further questions

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