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The Importance of Islamic Teachings For Kids

Islamic Teaching For Kids

Islam as a religion: Islamic Teachings For Kids

Islam is a very peaceful and loving religion that teaches love, affection, and tranquility to its followers around the globe. Forgiveness, trustworthiness, and affection are some of the many qualities that Islam teaches to its followers. There are certain things that are at the most basic of the Islamic religion which needs to be taught to children as well from an online Quran academy. You should take a free Quran class to start teaching your children those things from a very young age. These things are the following: Islamic Teachings For Kids

1.  The Articles of Faith

2.  The Pillars of Islam

3.  The History of Islam

4.  The History of Revelation

5.  Preservation, and Compilation of the Holy Quran

6.  The Life of the Holy Prophet(PBUH)and so on.

Importance of giving Islamic Teachings for Kids:

  • Learning about religion is compulsory: Islamic Teachings For Kids

    Your children were born Muslim, and this is the biggest blessing for them. Now, the next most important thing that you should do for them is to teach them about this beautiful religion. As they will be following the religion, they must know all about the religion, at least the most basic things about it such as the pillars of Islam. There are certain religious obligations that each Muslim must fulfill such as offering salah, observing fasts during the month of Ramadan, doing charity, performing Hajj, and so on. Therefore, in order to fulfill each of these obligations, one must first learn about them. Learning the Quran is one of the most important things that your child must do. Now, in this extremely advanced era, it is possible to learn to read Quran online. You can find online Quran teachers for your children who are experienced in the task and would perform their jobs very efficiently.

  • Learning about Islam will make your children learn great values:

    Islam teaches love and tranquility. Therefore, when you teach your children about the Islamic values and the examples of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and His companions, your children will become more truthful, forgiving, calm, and peace-loving. Adding to this, your children will also learn some great interpersonal skills that will help them in their professional lives as well. Furthermore, living on the instructions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and obeying the Hadith and Sunnah is a worshipping deed itself.

  • Love towards animals: Islamic Teachings For Kids

    One of the most crucial topics in today’s world is humans’ treatment of animals. Many believe that we are cruel and unjust towards the animals who cannot speak for their own rights. Learning about Islam would instill love and kindness towards animals in your children and if God wills, they can lead by example for many others today.

  • Respect of elders and affection towards younger ones:

    Islam teaches that one should be respectful towards their elders and must be affectionate towards their younger ones. These qualities are very much admired in a person, no matter which religion he/she belongs to. Therefore, by teaching about Islam to your children, you are encouraging them to learn some of the most admired qualities of this world. On the other hand, they are earning the reward of good deeds too.

  • Learning skills that would help your children in worldly affairs: Islamic Teachings For Kids

    There are a lot of things that Islam would teach you that will be very helpful for you in your worldly affairs. For example, Islam teaches the ways of conducting business in a trustworthy manner and with sheer truth. Conducting business in Islamic ways will not only ensure rewards for you in the hereafter, but it will also ensure that your business is a successful one. There are many success stories in the world that solely emerge due to the people’s following of Islamic ways.

These were some of the ways in which learning Islam can benefit your child not only in the world but also in the hereafter. You must make sure that your child learns the basic knowledge about Islam and goes on to learn complex issues too. This way they can help themselves and others at the same time. QuranHost is an amazing online academy that teaches a great variety of things about Islam including how to recite the Quran, and the history and other important aspects of Islam.

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