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Importance of Quranic education

If you are a Muslim, you really need to learn about the Quran, the book of God. The rules and regulations in Islam are derived from the Quran. There are multiple things that you can learn about the Holy book. First and foremost, you need to learn how to recite the Quran. For that, you will need to learn to read the Arabic Language. Learn Quran Online.

A problem in teaching Quran to youngsters: Learn Quran Online

It is extremely important that you start teaching the Quran to your children from a very young age. But at the same time, it is a huge challenge too. Children can face great difficulties in getting a grip on the Quran as it is in a completely new language that they are not familiar with. Adding to this, as they usually cannot understand what they are actually reading (due to the Arabic language), they get kind of bored.

The solutions

Although it is difficult, it is extremely important at the same time to teach the Quran to your children. So, here are a few tips that will help you overcome the problems and might increase your children’s interest in learning the Quran.

  • Teach smaller lessons:

    Information overload is never a good thing. Make sure you teach small portions to your child and let him/her ponder over what he/she has learned. Giving time to your children to solidify what they have learned is always a better option than teaching them non-stop for several hours. Adding to this, it is better to teach for 10 minutes three times a day than to teach for 30 minutes once a day.

  • Offer rewards:

    A reward is a driving force for humans to do something. It is the same for your children; if you want positive results from their side, you need to offer them something they really like. The rewards can include a nice treat that they like or a dinner made of their liking or a weekend camping upon completion of a chapter. Make sure to not overflow with these rewards or your children will lose value for it and the results will stop.

  • Integrate online learning: Learn Quran Online

    Children of this day and age prefer using mobiles and other gadgets overusing books. In the same way, they prefer learning from tutors online instead of tutors practically with them. A great option for these children is the Online Quran academies these days such as QuranHost which is an amazing online Quran academy that teaches its students how to recite Quran by providing them a good command over the Arabic language. The online Quran academies have a great number of features allowing children to learn better in a smarter way.

Another great way to integrate Learning Quran Online into your children’s curriculum is to make them download applications on their smartphones or tablets that offer Quranic learning.

  • Let your children decide:

    When children can control the factors relating to their learning such as the time to learn, a place to learn, and so on. They would be able to develop a greater interest in learning. This will not only make your children feel comfortable while they are learning, but it will also give them a greater sense of responsibility. They will start accepting responsibility and start reminding you about their lessons themselves.

  • Make the lessons interesting: Learn Quran Online

    No one likes to study the dry and boring way. You need to make sure that your lessons are interesting enough for your children to maintain their interest. A great option to keep it interesting is to show videos and short shows that incorporate the learning of the Quran while keeping it interesting.

These are tips that you can follow to make sure your children are absorbing and retaining the Quranic knowledge. You can also try more things to keep your children interested in learning. 

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