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Learn Quran by Heart: A Comprehensive Guide | Quran Memorization Online

Learn Quran by heart or Quran memorization is a prominent step in learning Quran online. QuranHost has developed a comprehensive course for Quran Memorization Online. This course is specially designed to make online Quran memorization a convenient process. We have hired especially skilled, highly qualified, and dedicated Quran tutors for Quran memorization online. Our teachers have an equal grip on English and Arabic. This makes the communication between the teacher and the students viable. The teachers facilitate the process through various learning tools and apps.

Importance of Quran Memorization in Islam:

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Quran memorization is one of the principal religious obligation. It is a rewarding Quranic science. There are many Ahadith about the reward of learning the Quran by heart. Prophet Muhammad SAW said on one occasion;

“A person who recites the Quran and masters it by heart will be with the noble Angels (in Jannah). And such a person exerts in learning the Quran by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.”

Every believer can memorize the Quran by heart. It is a bit difficult task but we can make it easy by enrolling ourselves in a reliable institute like QuranHost. A competent and hardworking teacher can make it a feasible process.

Understanding the Quran:

Quran is the most sacred book for the Muslims. Muslims all over the world recite it daily. It makes a strong bond between the Lord and the bondsmen. It is the most frequently recited book around the globe.

  • Allah Almighty revealed this holy book to Prophet Muhammad SAW almost 141/2 years ago. Quran is a guidebook for believers. It consists of many important subjects for humanity.
  • Quran memorization is incomplete without Tajweed rules. Tajweed rules are central for Quran recitation and Qiraat appropriately.

Preparation Necessary to Make Before Memorizing Quran:

Quran memorization is a vital phenomenon according to Islam. There must be some physical preparations and some preparations at the spiritual level.

  • The first preparation before Quran memorization is to purify the intentions. Islam emphasizes too much on the purification of your intentions. You should keep your focus on pleasing Allah SWT and ask His forgiveness.
  • Seeking guidance and blessings from Allah SWT is the most important spiritual preparation before memorizing the Quran. You should ask for Allah’s blessings to seek help to make this arduous task an easy one.
  • Time management is as prime in the process of Quran memorization as choosing the right online Quran institute. The student has to learn time management for memorizing the Quran as it is a highly time taking task.
  • A competent teacher can work wonders for a student of Quran memorization. A student’s efforts are worthless without a hard-working Quran tutor. So choosing the right teacher for Quran memorization is an necessary step before memorizing the Quran.
  • A perfect memorization plan can be much helpful in the Quran memorization process. The teacher and the student together can make a perfect plan.

Techniques for Memorization:

Quran memorization is a challenging work, which needs some specific techniques.

  • Repetition and revision are important techniques for Quran memorization. The more you will repeat and revise the Quran, the more you learn it properly by heart.
  • Breaking down the verses of the Quran into small chunks can be a helpful technique for memorizing the Quran.
  • Recitation of the Quran frequently can be helpful in Quran memorization. The more frequently you recite the Quran, the more successful you will be in Quran memorization.
  • If you understand the meanings of the Quranic verses, it will be easier for you to memorize the verses of the Quran.
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Memorization Tips and Strategies:

It is essential to follow a specific strategy for Quran memorization.

  • The most important is to start your Quran memorization journey with some shorter verses of the Quran, like the last few chapters of the last Juz of the Quran comprises many shorter Surahs.
  • If you keep your focus on understanding the Quran, it would be helpful for your Quran memorization journey.
  • The use of modern technology and online apps can be a successful strategy in this challenging process.
  • Consistency and motivation are the keys to successfully setting up this troublesome journey. You should stay consistent in memorizing the Quran, which is a time taking and challenging task.

Challenges and Solutions:

Quran memorization is a highly troublesome task. A person has to face many challenges during this journey. But every problem has a solution. Let’s discuss the challenges a person may face in Quran memorization and their solutions.

  • There may be some memorization barriers and obstacles in this way. You can overcome this barrier through repetition and revisions. Through this process, you can overcome forgetfulness and mistakes.


  • Online Quran memorization can be full of distractions and procrastination. It is a challenge to overcome distractions as much as possible. You can solve this problem by specifying a separate room for your Online Quran Memorization Course.
  • As Quran memorization is a really arduous task, you may suffer from many spiritual and emotional traumas during this challenging journey. To cope with these emotional challenges can be a tiresome task. But you should seek the blessings of Allah Almighty.

Maintenance and Review:

This troublesome journey needs some steps towards review.

  • Revision and repetition are some techniques for retaining memorization. There should be a proper review schedule for Quran memorization.
  • Tracking your progress can be a crucial step in retaining maintenance. You should set realistic goals for achieving your destination.
  • Whenever you achieve a goal, you should celebrate it joyfully. Every milestone is critical in achieving this goal. The celebration will keep you charged and energetic for the next milestone.


Advancing in Quran Memorization:


When you make a pace of your learning process, then switch to the longer Surahs from the shorter Surahs. It will lead you to memorize the whole Quran in the long run.

  • You should join Quran memorization programs and competitions. These competitions can transform you into a labourious student.
  • You learn much more while teaching someone rather than by learning it yourself. If you want to memorize the Quran, start teaching others.
  • When you get advanced in Quran memorization, you can achieve spiritual growth and can develop a connection with Allah Almighty.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Quran Memorization:

What is the age limit for Quran memorization?

There is no age limit for memorizing the Quran. Everyone can learn the Quran by heart at any age. But it is suggested to memorize Quran at an early age.

Can non-Arabs memorize the Quran?

Yes, it is a miracle of the Holy Quran that non-Arbs who do not understand Arabic can also memorize the Quran. There are millions and millions of non-Arab Huffaz around the globe.

How long does it take to memorize the Quran?

It depends on the memory of the concerned person. People with Sharper memories can memorize Quran easily than people with weak memory.

What if I forget a verse or make a mistake?

In the Quran memorization process, it is a routine for the student to forget a verse or recite wrongly. It does not matter at all. But it all depends upon the purity of intention.

How can I balance memorization with other responsibilities?

It all depends on time management. Time management is the key to memorize the Quran and to keep other responsibilities.

Is it permissible to learn Quran online?

Yes, QuranHOst is permissible to learn Quran online as long as the teacher is qualified and the content is accurate and reliable. Many Islamic scholars support online Quran learning as a convenient and effective way to study the Quran.

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Quran memorization is a challenging task. But Allah Almighty has announced the highest reward for the person who memorizes the Quran by heart. So Islam highly appreciates the people who want to learn the Quran by heart.

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