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Five tips on how to learn Quran by heart

Five Tips on How to Learn Quran by Heart

“Hifz” or to put it simply memorization of the Quran is a rightful dream for every Muslim. However, most people say that due to their daily hectic routines, they don’t have enough time to devote to the memorization of the Quran. These are some tips on how to learn Quran by heart.

Rise up Early In the Morning

Rise up as early as you can and if possible first offer Fajr prayers in the mosque. When you are done with the early morning prayers, instead of dedicating your time to frivolous activities such as watching TV or surfing the internet, spend some time memorizing the Quran, as your mind is the freshest when you wake up so, your memorizing capability would be better than it would at other times in a day.

Use the Familiarity Technique

Initially, as you begin to start memorizing the Quran, you will naturally come across unfamiliar verses. Therefore, in order to strongly commit them to memory, you can jot down those verses onto a piece of paper and learn them by heart. Read those verses over and over again over the course of the next few weeks in order to retain them to memory fully.

Recite What You Memorize in Every Salah

To further cement what you are learning into memory, you can recite everyday verses in the five daily prayers. In each raka, you can alternate between the verses you learned the same day or the previous days.

Distraction-Free Environment

It is best to memorize the Quran in a secluded place with as little distraction as possible. By ensuring that the environment is quiet, you will be able to increase focus and thus be able to retain what you memorize. For example, as we have earlier mentioned, early morning memorization sessions are very effective because of the minimum distractions at that time.

Acquire the help of a Quran tutor / YouTube

If you are really determined to memorize the Quran then your routine really should not bother you to memorize Quran. You can always seek the help of a Quran tutor or Qaari Sahib as it is traditionally known, find a time slot that perfectly suits you, preferably during the night after dinner when you are about to sleep that way what you learn can be retained easily as sleeping helps memory retention. Also, you can learn Quran online via YouTube and other Islamic websites.


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