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How to Learn Quran Online for Free?

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Free Online Learning for All Ages

Learn Quran online for free is a dream come true for the needy students. If you are a needy student and have financial issues in paying fee to learn Quran online. You are welcome in QuranHost with open arms. We will provide you 100% Free Online Quran Classes. You can learn Quran online for free according to your own schedule. You can choose the tutor yourself. We will not inform your tutor about your fee status. You will get your desired attention from the teachers. It will be a wonderful learning experience of learning Quran for free with QuranHost.

If you want to Learn Quran Online With Tajweed we will facilitate you as much as possible. You can also Memorize Quran Online for Free with QuranHost.

Understanding the Quran:

Quran, being the last divine message, has a specific place in a Muslim society. It is important to learn the Quran. The Quran is not only a sacred book for Muslims, but it gives a complete code of life to believers. There are commands and orders for the believers from Allah SWT that have to be obeyed.

What Does the Quran Teach:

The Quran consists of the following subjects;

  • The stories of ancient Prophets and their nations.
  • Many important laws and jurisprudence regarding family life.
  • Some basic concepts of Islam like the Oneness of Allah, the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad SWT, prayers, observing fast, etc.
  • Many commands of Allah SWT for His bondsmen, i.e. the believers.
  • The story of the rise of Islam in early periods of Islam.

Why It is Important to Learn Quran:

It is really important to learn Quran as a religious duty. Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

“The best amongst you is the one, who learn Al Quran and taught it”

Learning and teaching Quran holds great importance in Islam as Quran itself holds immense importance in Islamic teachings. The Quran is the ultimate source of commands, laws, and jurisprudence for the believers. Everything which is narrated in Quran by Allah SWT has the final value of authentication for the believers.

No one can deny the words of Allah Almighty. Learning Quran Online with QuranHost may be a good initiative towards learning Quran.

Understanding the Arabic Language:

Arabic is the language of the last divine message which is Quran e Kareem. It is one of the most eloquent languages in the world. It is the language in which Allah Almighty revealed Quran. So it is really important to learn Arabic as the language of the Quran.

Arabic being the most eloquent language in the world, needs to be learned properly by any teacher.  Learning Arabic Online can help learn Arabic as a language.

Benefits of Learning Quran Online for Free:

Learning Quran online is the latest trend around the globe. Everywhere in the world, there are online Quran institutes that are providing superb services for learning Quran online for free. To learn Quran online for free is a very beneficial step for the students. It is a beneficial phenomenon as;

  • Learning Quran online is a cost-effective process. The institutes offer Quran courses at a reasonable fee. Which becomes an affordable process as far as fee structure is concerned.
  • Learning Quran online is a highly convenient method, as it allows the freedom of space for the student of the Quran. Clients can learn the Quran according to his convenience. He need not leave home to learn Quran.
  • The flexibility of time is still another salient feature of learning the Quran Online. The student is allowed to attend the class whenever he wants to. Almost every online institute offers online classes around the clock to facilitate their clients.
  • Online Quran learning is easily accessible to students around the globe. Everyone with a fast internet connection can approach any online Quran institute to learn Quran online for free. This feature increases the worth of online Quran learning to a great extent.

Requirements of Learning Quran Online for Free:

To learn Quran online is as easy a task as 1,2,3.

You only have to have a stable internet connection, as the entire process of online learning depends upon the speed of the internet service provider.

Access to an online Quran learning platform like QuranHost is the last requirement for a successful online learning experience.

How to Find a Free Online Quran Learning Platform:

You can find any suitable platform for online learning Quran for free with Google. You will get multiple choices for learning Quran online for free. You can pick up any institute and get yourself registered for online Quran learning for free. You can Learn Quran Online for Free with QuranHost if you are a needy student.

Characteristics of a Reliable Online Platform for Learning the Quran:

A reliable platform always shares the Reviews and Feedback of their students on any online site, especially TrustPilot is the most reliable platform for checking the authenticity of reviews about any online Quran Institute internationally.

How to Get Started with Quran Learning:

Sometimes to start Quran learning online might be quite challenging. If you keep some basic things in your mind, it will become an effortless task.

  • The first step to start online Quran learning is to set up your account on any social media site.
  • Choose a reliable institute to achieve your learning goals. Opt a competent teacher for your Quran learning.
  • Choose a suitable schedule for your online Quran class.
  • Set up some realistic learning goals for online Quran learning for free.

The Structure of Online Quran Learning:

To understand the structure of online Quran Learning

  • First, take an overview of the lessons of your course.
  • Then have a look at the curriculum and course outline.

Techniques of Learning Quran Online:

Learning Quran is a vast subject, which includes many steps from reading the Quran to memorizing it and finally understanding Quran.

Learning Quran Online With Tajweed is another step in learning Quran online.

Quran Memorization Online is a highly recommended skill for every believer.

Common Challenges in Online Quran Learning and Their Solutions:

Self-discipline is difficult to achieve and maintain. SO it’s a big challenge to discipline yourself during online learning sessions. Studying while at home may be a challenging task when there are kids at home or there are guests around you at home. It is a difficult challenge to cope with but you can overcome this challenge with the help of your family members.

There may arise some technical faults during online Quran sessions for free. The internet service may get down or there may be an electricity down fall. Consequently the device might lose charging. But these challenges are not too common to destroy the learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Learning Quran Online:

Here are some frequently asked questions about online Quran learning and their possible solutions;

What is the best time to learn Quran online?

The best time to learn Quran online is when you are free from other responsibilities. The right time is when you have free time and enough space to learn Quran online with full concentration.

Do I need any prior knowledge of Arabic to learn Quran Online?

No, you don’t need any prior knowledge of Arabic before learning Quran online.

Can I learn Quran Online for free?

Yes you can learn Quran online for free. There are many institutes to learn Quran Online for free.

Is it necessary to have a Quran in hand while learning Quran Online?

No, it is not necessary to keep a Quran e Kareem in hand while learning Quran online. You can use any online app for reading Quran during your online class.


Learning Quran Online for free is convenient, budget-friendly, and one of the best ways of learning the Quran online. One may learn Quran online for free from many institutes.To learn Quran online can be a wonderful experience if you join a reliable online institute such as QuranHost.

One should choose a reliable institute while learning Quran online. To opt a reliable institute like QuranHost and a competent teacher can be a successful step in online Quran learning. One should learn to overcome the challenges in the learning process to have a fruitful online learning experience

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