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How to become a hafiz

how to become a hafiz e quran

Understanding the Quran:


Quran is the ultimate heavenly memorandum. It is the last message from Allah the Almighty to His bondsmen. It is included in the four main Holy Sahaef, revealed upon four Rusul. Quran bears great importance in Islam. It is the principal source of commands of Allah Almighty for the believers. Believe in the Quran as the final sacred scripture from Almighty Allah is one of the primary beliefs of Islam. The Quran is a part of the elementary philosophy of Islam.


Preparation for the Journey of Quran Memorization:

benefits of Quran memorization

Becoming a Hafiz e Quran is a challenging journey. This journey needs a firm commitment and resolution. It also requires continuous motivation and inspiration to become a Hafiz.

Another step toward being a Hafiz is to set realistic goals. You cannot set a goal of being a Hafiz in just one month.

You should set some realistic goals for your daily lessons, Sabqi and Manzil. You should set a goal of being a Hafiz In say one year or two years. This is a shape of realistic approach to setting goals for being a Hafiz.


Developing an Effective Study Plan:

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Quran memorization is a challenging task. It needs proper planning and an effective study plan. Every student needs an apt study plan to be a Hafiz.

The first step toward memorizing the Quran is to identify your learning style. It is an essential step, as it helps the students to learn the Quran by heart.

Learning from home needs commitment and dedication. A way of memorizing the Quran is to allot a specific time for your Quran learning. To specify a set time frame can be very helpful in Quran memorization.

You must break down the Quran memorization process into small portions. You should not attempt to learn an entire length of Surah in one go. It would be a hectic and useless activity.

Another important step toward being a Hafiz is to use different memorization techniques. We can opt for various strategies to memorize the Quran by heart.

Enhancing Memorization Skills:

An affecting technique to memorize the Quran by heart is to begin the Quran from small surahs. It is convenient to start the Quran learning from the 30th Juz as it comprises small and easy surahs. After it, a shift towards the larger Surahs can be an excellent strategy for Quran memorization.

Memorization tools and aids can play a vital role in the process of Quran Memorization. Soft wares and Quran websites can work wonders in aiding a Quran memorization student.

Repetition and revision are some factors in becoming a Hafiz. By revising and repeating Quran again and again, we can make Quran memorization easy.

Focus and concentration are vital in Quran memorization. The more focused you are, the easily you can memorize the Quran.

Building a Strong Foundation:

Hifz can be more fruitful if Hafiz learns other more aspects of the Quran.

Tajweed is an important Quranic science. It is a complete set of rules with which you can recite the Quran thoroughly and accurately.

Hifz can be more rewarding when a hafiz learns to understand the meanings and interpretations of the Quran. Comprehending the translation and Tafseer e Quran can be helpful for a Hafiz to memorize Quran.

To build a firm foundation of Quranic knowledge, you should explore the context and historical background of the verses of the Quran. This can be a smart strategy for building a firm base of Quranic knowledge.


Establishing a Supportive Environment:

Memorizing the Quran can be an arduous task, but it can be made more relaxed by establishing a supportive environment.

Like-minded people can produce a supportive environment for a laborious mission. You should join a community of Huffaz to create a supportive environment for yourself.

Joining Quran memorization programs and institutes can be helpful in creating a supportive environment for Huffaz. An online Quran institute like QuranHost can be a complete support system for Quran memorization.

You should seek guidance from trained Huffaz to get some tips to memorize the Quran conveniently. An experienced hafiz can teach you successful strategies for learn the Quran by heart.

Overcoming Challenges:

Quran memorization can create fatigue. It is very important to deal with memorization fatigue. Otherwise, it can slow down the learning process.


  • Time management can be the biggest challenge in this difficult journey. You can overcome this challenge with dedication and commitment. You should prioritize your commitment to your daily lessons.
  • A mental block is a common problem during Hifz. We can overcome this gigantic trial through a continuous effort towards learning Quran. Repetition and revision can help overcome this challenge.
  • It is a well-known proverb “Slow and steady wins the race”. Consistency is the key to success in this troublesome journey of Quran memorization. Being consistent in your hard work and learning process will be a much easier job for you.
  • You should work to make your spiritual connection with Allah Almighty strong. The stronger your spiritual bond with Allah SWT is, the more convenient is the journey of Quran memorization for you.
  • When you reflect on the verses of the Quran deeply and you want to apply them in your life. This practice boosts your spiritual connection with the Quran and Allah Almighty.
  • When you are busy with Quran memorization, you will understand the Quran’s impact on your personal development. This can strengthen your bond with Quran.

Tracking Progress and Celebrating Milestones:

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A successful strategy for learning the Quran by heart is to divide your destination into small portions. Once you distribute your goal into small milestones keep track of your milestones. Mark every achievement to get motivated. Celebrate the accomplishment of every milestone and keep yourself enthusiastic.


How long does it take to become a Hafiz?

This period varies from person to person. It depends upon the memorizing power

of every person. Normally a Muslim can memorize Quran in one to two years.

Can anyone become a Hafiz?

Yes, Allah Almighty has made Quran memorization possible for every believer. Every committed and hard-working Muslim can memorize Quran by heart.

How do I choose a reliable Quran Memorization Program?

You can choose a reliable Quran memorization program by choosing a reliable Online Quran Institute. QuranHost is one such institute you can rely completely on for memorizing Quran.

What if I have a busy schedule?

You can memorize Quran with your busy schedule as well. For this, you should choose a trustworthy online Quran institute. We at QuranHost have the best memorizing online online program to adjust to your busy schedule.

What If I forget a memorized portion?

Repetition and revision are the only way to memorize again that forgotten portion. The more you repeat your lesson, the lesser the chance to forget the memorized portion.

Can females become Hafiz?

Yes, Every Muslim female can be a Hafiz. This needs dedication and consistency. There is no discrimination between males and females in Islam to seek knowledge.


Quran memorization is an important part of Quranic knowledge. It has great significance in Islam. Allah Almighty has announced great rewards for the believers who memorize the Quran by heart. Every Muslim wishes to memorize Quran but those are the chosen ones who can have this honor. Quran memorization journey can be filled with numerous challenges but you can overcome these challenges with hard work, commitment, and dedication. You can join a support system for your Quran memorization journey.

Quran memorization online with QuranHost can be a perfect support system for everyone who wants to memorize Quran online and wants to be a Hafiz. Sign Up here to get a free trial to join QuranHost. Be a part of a wonderful journey of connecting yourself with the Quran.


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