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The Seerah: Your Key to Productivity


Making the best out of one’s life is a desire everyone wishes to fulfill but only a few can manage to do so. There are ample ways by which you can make your life a productive one, but the best way to do so is to follow the Islamic Shariah and law. The seerah for Holy Prophet SAW can help you spend a productive life in every aspect. In the Holy Quran, Allah SWT has stated that: O Prophet! Verily, We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. [Qur’an, 33:45]. The verse emphasizes Allah SWT’s command on following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet and learning from the exploration of his Seerah.

Meaning of Seerah

Including general attitudes, behavior, biography, and reactions, the meaning of the word seerah is defined as a path one takes from one place to another or follows strictly during the passage of his life.

You can increase the productivity of your life by learning and exploring the Seerah of our Holy Prophet SAW. Below mentioned are a few reasons to convince you why you should begin following the seerah and teachings of Holy Prophet SAW.

Development of Muslim Identity

Being a Muslim, your appearance, language, and lifestyle should depict your religion’s customs and traditions. You should represent your religion and the teachings of the Holy Quran by your character and attitude. Exploring the Seerah of the Holy Prophet SAW, you will get to know the ideology of Holy Prophet SAW while he used to perform his day-to-day dealings and you will feel the urge to incorporate similar habits accordingly. Try to memorize Holy Quran online and see the change.

Strengthening the Imaan

Learn Quran online, know the struggles and circumstances experienced by the Holy Prophet SAW and his companions and you will see a great deal of strength in your faith and belief in the power of Allah SWT and Islam as a religion.

Understanding of the Holy Quran

The best Quran tutors will teach you in-depth meaning and definition of every verse for a better understanding. You can get the context of every surah by a comprehensive analysis of the Seerah. Without grasping the complete meaning of the Holy Quran, the implementation of it in real life is nearly impossible. For that purpose to be served, going through the seerah will lead to a productive understanding of the Holy Quran.

Comfort to the Heart

The learning of Seerah would lead to comfort and peace to the heart and the soul. Every revelation has a significant meaning that narrates Allah SWT’s answer to a certain confusion or problem you are facing.

Making the most out of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah will lead you to a happy and successful life both in this world and in the HereAfter. The HereAfter is yet to come, you have the chance to live a life based on the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Be wise and utilize the time of life productively.


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