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10 Tips to Learn Surahs Quickly



Learning the Quran is the most beautiful experience yet it is not an easy one. Memorizing the surahs and verses of the Holy Quran is a crucial goal to accomplish as it requires a great deal of focus, consistency, and hard work. Since most of us who aim to learn the Quran online are not native speakers of Arabic, a difficulty is being experienced by all those who are in the phase of becoming Hafiz. This read has brought for you 10 tips following which you can learn the Surahs of the Quran quickly and diligently and can implement their meaning in your life to witness a greater impact.

1:Read the Verses Loud

Reading something aloud with the motive to memorize is the best technique according to the experts. Follow the similar and recite the Surahs aloud as you learn them consistently. It will help it to impact your mind and will fit in your memory strongly.

2:Take Care of Your Diet

As you begin to learn Quran online, it is very important to take care of your diet to enhance your mental strength and physical activity as they greatly affect your memory. Eat meals that can boost your memory and note a tremendous improvement in your memorization speed.

3:Memorize in Short Intervals

Focus your learning in short intervals as stretched learning hours may affect your productivity and willingness to learn. The best Quran tutors suggest creating a schedule with small learning intervals of around 30 to 45 mins to avoid any exhaustion and negative energy. 

4:Divide your practice sessions

Revise your learning in different sessions. Break your schedule, take naps of eating, sleeping, and spending time in another activity and begin learning when you feel the most active and fresh.

5:Act as a Teacher

You will be able to memorize the surahs quickly if you pretend to teach them to someone. Read them aloud as you are reading them in front of a tutor. This sounds as an effective technique to memorize faster according to medical experts.

6:Sleep Well

Never compromise on your sleep as even a short nap can play a great role in recalling your memory. Most of the memory consolidation process occurs when you are asleep. If you feel unable to memorize the verses correctly and without focus, get asleep and take a fresh start.

7:Study in Isolation

Effective learning requires a peaceful environment. For effective and strong learning of Surahs of the Holy Quran, find yourself in an isolated and peaceful place where no one interrupts your learning and your focus remains intact throughout the whole process.

8:Do not try to memorize the whole overnight

Learning a Surah is a process. Never try to learn a surah overnight as it may make you frustrated and lead you to give up the process. Instead, follow the learning techniques of the best Quran tutors and learn slowly and consistently. 

9:Keep Revising

For strong and deep learning, keep revising your everyday teachings and be consistent with the process. Do not leave in between.

10:Enroll in an Online Course

A great way of learning the Surahs quickly is to take help and learn Quran online free by enrolling yourself in an online course and under the supervision of Quran experts. They will supervise your journey and will make sure that you reach your goal as soon as possible. 


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