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How to be an Amazing Husband


Islam is the religion which has specified roles and responsibilities for every character one plays in his everyday life. A society cannot run without the help of certain characters out of which the most highlighted and important one is the role of a husband and wife, when both the companions work together, only then the system of a house runs and a family is created. The Holy Prophet SAW was the perfect example of a good husband. He has said that:” Among the Muslims, the most perfect, as regards his faith, is the one whose character is excellent, and the best among you are those who treat their wives well.’

Following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet SAW, the following read includes the tips to be an amazing husband. 


Your wife deserves gratitude for everything she does for you and your family. She cooks, educates the children, manages the household chores, and takes care of your home in your absence. You should be grateful to her in a beautiful and appreciative manner. Try to make the gratitude public so that your wife feels being praised among all.

Offer Prayers Together

Give her ample time and try to offer ibadah together to fulfill the Sunnah and to be granted Allah’s blessings and mercy. Recite Duas, memorize the holy Quran online together, and pray for each other’s well-being.

Call her Beautiful Names

The Holy Prophet SAW used to call her wives beautiful names, specifically the ones they liked to be called with. Call your wife with a name out of love so that she can feel loved.

Dress Up for Your Wife

You should look representable as soon as you aim to spend time with your wife. Be it a meal together or a time spent out, dress up for her, perform miswak as per the sunnah, and look good. This will make your wife notice that you have added an effort for her and she will feel happy about your act.

Listen to Her

After completing the whole day out at work, your wife and family should be your utmost priority as you will go home. Take out time to listen to her, talk about the whole day, tell her your day’s routine, and listen to her carefully so that she feels worthy. Give her proper attention and time.

Play Games Together

You and your wife should have wholesome compatibility. Learn Quran online, explore the seerah of Prophet SAW and you will know about how the Holy Prophet SAW used to play games with his wives. Try to engage her in entertainment so that she feels less worried about her role and responsibility towards the family.

Following the above-mentioned tips, you can be a great husband to your wife. Allah SWT has promised a reward for those men who fulfill the responsibilities of their wives and behave with them nicely. Be the man you want for your daughters. Be patient with the problems and act as a just head of the family.

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