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Online Quran Recitation

online Quran Recitation

Quran recitation is one of the religious obligation of every Muslim. As Quran is the final and last divine message of Allah SWT. In the past people used to send their kids to Madaris and Mosques to teach them Al Quran. In Mosques and madaris, learned and qualified teachers were appointed to teach the students. Then Corona virus got spread throughout the world and every-one in the world got isolated. This was the time when every-thing shifted got a quick shift from off line to online. Like every other phenomenon Quran recitation was also shifted to online method. Many online Quran tutors start teaching Quran through internet. Many online Quran institutes also start their online Quran recitation classes. QuranHost is one of the pioneers in online Quran academies. It provides the students an opportunity to learn Quran recitation 0nline.

Learn Quran Recitation Online:

In this age of communication and information technology, every-thing is now available on our finger tips. Every-thing we can wish for is only a click away. Similar is the case with Quran recitation. Now a days, no one has to go to mosques for learning and reciting Quran. Every-one has to make himself register in some online Quran recitation institute. He only has to make himself registered in some distant online institute for online Quran recitation. QuranHost is providing its services 24/7 to the whole world. You can join us with only a single click.

Who Can Join Our Online Quran Recitation Course?

Mostly young kids tend to join our online Quran recitation course. Kids ages between 5 to 6 years usually join our online Quran recitation classes. But there is no hard and fast rule for the age of the students to join our online Quran recitation classes. Every-one at any stage of the age can join our online Quran recitation class.

  • Many people learn to recite Holy Quran in their early childhood but with growing age, they left Quran recitation and forgot it completely. Those people can join our online Quran recitation course.
  • Some people learnt to recite Holy Quran in their early childhood but without rules of tajweed and with wrong pronunciation. Those people can also join our institute to rectify their pronunciation and online tajweed course.
  • At the same time people who embrace Islam at elderly ages and want to learn online Quran recitation. Those people are always warmly welcomed in our online Quran learning Institute
  • They can learn online Quran recitation. They can do online tajweed course as well as Noorani Qaida online.

Quran Host has complete solutions for all above mentioned group of people.

Online Qaida Noorani Course and Letter of Recognition:

Noorani Qaida is the basic booklet comprises of phonetic conceptual sounds of Arabic as a language and contains almost all basic rules of tajweed along with the practice. Noorani Qaida course is the basic course compiled for the kids or beginners who want to learn online Quran recitation.

The basic  Noorani Qaida Course start with , Letter recognition is a fundamental aspect of learning to read the Arabic how to read alphabeted fluently and accurately. Qaida foundational is basic chapter  in designed for particularly beginners, the basics of Arabic alphabeted, pronunciation, and recitation of the Quran. Letter recognition involves identifying and distinguishing between the various Arabic letters, both in their isolated forms and when they are connected to other letters within words.

Through repetitive practice and guided instruction, students of the Noorani Qaida gradually learn to recognize the shapes, sounds, and characteristics of each Arabic letter. This process helps them develop the essential skills needed to read and recite the Quran proficiently.

Letter recognition in the Noorani Qaida typically begins with the simplest letters and progresses to more complex ones. Students are taught to recognize each letter’s unique shape, the sounds it represents, and its position within words. Additionally, they learn the different forms that letters can take depending on their placement in a word (initial, medial, final, or standalone).

After that this course leads the students to start reading Arabic words, phrases and finally complete sentences. When a student completes online Noorani Qaida Course, he becomes able to read verses of Quran fluently. Online Noorani Qaida course lays a foundation of online Quran recitation course. QuranHost presents a wonderful online Noorani Qaida course for the students. We offer specialized course taught by our learned and competent teachers.

Online Tajweed Course:

Online tajweed course is a step forward towards online Quran recitation. This course is meant to learn Quran recitation with correct pronunciation and accurate accent. As the meaning of word “Tajweed” is to decorate or adorn something, in this context, this specialized course is designed to beautify and adorn Quran with correct accent. In this online Tajweed course for Quran, we give every alphabet of Quranic Arabic, its specific right and dues. Every alphabet is pronounced through specific parts of tongue, teeth and throat. To learn to recite Quran with proper tajweed rules is a religious obligation of every Muslim. So online Tajweed Course is a must for every Muslim. QuranHost is offering a splendid online Tajweed course for the people who want to learn Quran recitation. We hire qualified and hardworking qur`aa to teach the students tajweed rules. Every-one can join online tajweed course with all ease as we are offering 24/7 online Quran classes.

Hifz Courses:

Another advanced learning in recitation of Quran is online Hifz course. Hifz which is actually the memorization of Quran by heart. Islam gives much importance to Quran memorization. Prophet Muhammad SAW announced high rewards from Allah SWT for the person who memorizes Al Quran. Allah SWT bestows the parents of a hafiz e Quran with high ranks in Jannah. Online hifz course is specially designed to help the students with Quran memorization. Quran Host designed a specific course for online memorization of Quran. Highly qualified and efficient teachers are there to teach the students regardless of the country they belong to or the native language they speak

Basic Rules of Quran Recitation:

Quran is the divine message, the last and final one. It is the holiest book on the face of the earth. So there are certain rules and untold regulations that should be followed during Quran recitation.

  • Quran being the sacred most book for Muslims, must be recited with respect and honor.
  • A person who want to recite Holy Quran must make ablution and should attain neatness and tidiness before reciting Quran e Kareem.
  • Quran e Kareem must be recited following the rules of tajweed with accurate pronunciation.
  • Quran must be recited in a slow pace. It must not be recited in a hurry.
  • Quran must be recited to understand the divine message in an attempt to follow divine instructions in life.

QuranHost is an institute from where you can learn all the basic rules of reciting Al Quran. We have designed specialized courses for step by step learning of Quran e Kareem in our institute.

Objectives of Online Quran Recitation Course:

Online Quran recitation course is basically a course which is skilfully designed to enable the students to recite Quran e Kareem perfectly. If we summarize the objectives of online Quran recitation course, we can note them down as follows;

  • The first objective of online Quran recitation course is to learn Quran recitation perfectly and free of mistakes.
  • Learning accurate pronunciation of Quran is another major objective of online Quran recitation course.
  • To learn to embellish and ornament Quran e Kareem with beautiful recitation is still another objective of online Quran recitation.
  • To memorize Quran e Kareem by heart can be another important objective of online Quran recitation course.
  • Online Quran recitation course also offers Tafseer and translation of Quran e Kareem, so that the student must understand the facts about divine message.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about online Quran recitation:

Is it allowed to recite on line?

Yes, it is allowed to recite Quran on line. In fact one can recite Quran online even without wudhu.

Can someone recite Quran from mobile phone?

Though it is permissible to recite Quran from phone, yet reciting Quran from the original Quran e Kareem is much appreciated and desired. Even some scholars are of the opinion that when some-one is offering daily prayers, he is not allowed to hold phone to recite supplications, as it is distracting.

Can a girl recite Holy Quran on mobile phone during periods?

Quran is only permissible to recite only when some-one is purified. But as girls are not purified during periods, so they can neither recite Holy Quran by holding Quran e Kareem nor they can recite Quran on line.

Why to Choose Quran Recitation On line:

This is an age of science and technology. With an increase in the use of technology, everything has now digitalized. Quran recitation and learning has also digitalized. Like every other phenomenon, online Quran recitation has its own prose and cones. Let`s now discuss benefits of online Quran recitation and learning:

  • Learning Quran online is beneficial as it allows learning at personal level. One on one sessions between the teacher and the student allows the learner to learn and absorb the knowledge properly.
  • There is much more flexibility regarding timing as online Quran institutes offer 24/7 services for teaching Quran online.
  • There is availability of male as well as female teachers so that the student can choose according to his own ease and comfort.
  • Learning Quran online is much safer for young kids than going to mosques and madaris for learning Quran.
  • There is a variety of different packages according to the convenience of student, whether he want to study seven days a week or 2,3,4,5 or 6 days a week. This is chosen by the student himself.
  • A quick and prompt feedback of teacher regarding learning of the student and vice versa, is another beneficial feature of learning Quran online.

QuranHost is an online Quran learning institute, which has more benefits than narrated above. We offer precise, targeted, compatible and thorough courses for every step of learning Quran online.


Online Quran recitation is an easy and feasible way of learning Quran in this age of fast and forward world. Online Quran learning institutions offer step by step courses, especially designed for gradual learning of Quran. QuranHost has the best compiled online Quran courses for different steps of learning Al Quran online.

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