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Online Quran Memorization Classes

The pandemic of covid-19 has caused us to get familiar with the system of Online learning at home. This was somehow odd at first but then made us realize its importance.
Therefore, we can say learning Online has now become a blessing in disguise!
Who doesn’t want to make a stronger bond with his beloved Allah?
Allah (SWT) has already told us what we can do to get closer to him. Indeed, it is what the Quran is all about holding answers that are a direct message from him.
Now you can make your relationship with Allah stronger by sitting at the favorite corner of your room by simply enrolling in our memorize Quran online course.

The powerful Quran memorization online course for you!

You might be feeling it is too hard! The hassle takes about 2-3 hours just to memorize one to two verses?
Do you want to give up?
Don’t worry here is what you need to know about the Quran memorization Online course easily.
The Quran is such a powerful way to embellish our souls and keep us protected from the evil intentions of this world.
Many Muslim brothers and sisters struggle to memorize Quran therefore we have created a life-changing course to memorize Quran online.
It’s a long process but if you can get on the right path then this journey will be smooth and easy.
You need to relax first after making a firm mind.

Note: The Quran memorization course is for those students who are able to recite the Quran with tajweed.

Quran memorization online is full of relevant expertise and experience in developing an online education portal to make things work from beginner to advanced learning portal.

 Just keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind while going through any course either online or physically. 

Remember why you started!

A comprehensive developmental online Quran memorization classes

Initially, when you start, then you are just making a stronger foundation of your memory.
Never be put off by the amount you learn and in what time frame it takes you to do it.
We, in our Quran memorization classes, take our students to the process of building muscles by sticking them within the lane and gradually increasing to get comfortable by our comprehensive classes.
Here is what we uphold in our strategy of memorization of Quran online;

The Quran mentions the word “Hifz” about 3 times and the word “Hafiza” about 7 times. Through this, we can get 10. Also, the word “Hafiz” appears 13 times again giving us numbers 10 and 3.

So here is the idea about this concept that you can start memorizing the Quran, either from the start or from the end.
We offer a week-by-week approach, say 3 lines a day, a page in a week with complete memorization along with Tajweed of the Quran.
This is what the lengthy course of Online Quran memorization classes will look like.

A weekly breakdown of Quran memorization Online course

In this course, you will be going to repeat the page of the week on the first day.
This day will strongly focus on your repetition of what you learn in your Quran memorization Online course.
You’ll want to repeat it as much as you like. This can be done throughout the day from morning, afternoon, evening or night to make sure you have a complete grip over your memorization so far.
This is a beginner level. You will continue to do this until you reach 10 pages. You will have a strong grip that our Online Hifz tutor will monitor.

 Online Hifz teachers around the globe

We offer a versatile set of Hafiz Faculty best in their work from the whole world.
To streamline the process of memorization of Quran Online, we have created a prospective pattern that when you follow will ease your memorization journey.
Our Online Hifz teachers use resources that are very much flexible and adaptable as per your requirement. The Hafiz teachers are available 24/7 for your help.
Unlike a physical teacher, you can ask your Queries and repeat your lecture how many times you want.

How our Practical tips help to Hifz Quran at home!

Our Quran memorization teachers will provide you with a thorough guideline that if you follow sincerely then you will certainly memorize Quran faster.
Follow these instructions recommended by our Hafiz teachers after a lot of experience;

  • Don’t rush towards your learning as everything takes time so learn small segments first.
  • While taking Online Quran Hifz Classes try to be focused and set it to a calm place.
  • Use only one Mushaf, don’t change it.
  • Try to use the verses you learn in your prayers as well.
  • Try to repeat in your mind what you learn in your Online Quran memorization classes when you sleep.
  • Seek help from your Online Hifz tutor that will guide you.

Quran memorization Planner to track your directions!

In our Quran memorization course, what you can do is track where you are standing!
You will have a weekly planner that will tell you how good you are following your assessments given by your Online Hifz tutor.
When you have a planned journey many people feel relaxed that they are following a schedule to provide dimensions.
In this Quran memorization Planner, you can accommodate your schedule according to your comfort.

Quran memorization course at a rock-bottom price

The online market is loaded with tons of overly budget courses.
We are proud to say that we offer an affordable price for all those that want to accomplish this wholehearted process of Memorization of the Quran online.

Quran memorization Online test

To check your firm grip in Online Quran memorization classes, after completion of your weekly revision a test is taken by our Hafiz teachers.
In the Quran memorization online test, you will feel confident after what you have learned has now stayed in your memory.
If you still feel that the part you memorize is not that firm you can again take classes.

Quran memorization certificate

When Allah Almighty will finally bless you with this blessing of completion of the Holy Quran then you will get a Quran memorization Certificate. This will give you confidence after which you can also teach others who want to Hifz Quran.
The Quran memorization course is all in all a platform to facilitate you and your noble cause. This will give you a sense of accomplishment whenever you look at it.

Quran memorization Competition to boost your confidence!

When you are done with completing the memorize of the Quran Online. You will have an opportunity to enroll in the competition that is for your testing aptitudes.
This will give you an emancipated approach no matter if you win or lose but still, this will change the dynamics of your studying.
People from all over the globe participate in Quran memorization Competitions.


Allah Almighty has narrated beautifully in the Quran;

“And we have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?”

Hifz Quran Online is one of the best ways where students can memorize the Quran easily at home without any hassle. We have created a friendly environment for those who want to learn the Quran.

So enroll yourself now and change your life.
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