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How To Choose The Best Hifz Quran Tutor


Hifz Quran is a great responsibility that not everyone takes on to fulfil. Those who memorize Quran with great effort think that this noble task is impossible without the help of an amazing Hifz tutor, as he/she can guide and assist well out of the experience they have.

The top helpful points to consider while choosing the best Hifz Tutor are listed below.

 Look for an accredited Quran Institute.

Out of the experience of many huffaz, this is the top tip to look out for a reliable Quranic platform instead of a freelance Hifz teacher.  An institution runs a Hifz course formally by designing a personalized plan for you and appointing a teacher of your choice.

They hire a teacher after their own set criteria’s that are really strict and only the credible, efficient, and highly knowledgeable are selected to teach through their platform. Quran memorization online is made easy through the tutor that an institute provides after a trial class and they are, no doubt the best ones.


The Hifz Quran tutor should be Arab Native.

Native Arabs are exceptional in their Arabic accent and can help non-Arabs learn to read and memorize Quran the way exactly like Arabs.They know how to make Tajweed easily understood and learned to make hifz journey very easy.They will assist you in working on your recitation along with Quran memorization and will make your dream of memorising and reciting in an enchanting voice come true.


Using quick and easy Memorization techniques.

A tutor who is really innovative and flexible to accept new tech-based changes, is the best one to be picked. As we know memorization needs time, dedication, and extra efforts, and it can’t be completed until you are given some tips and techniques to make it easy lesson by lesson. Some of the Quran Memorization techniques used by hifz teachers are:

  • Starting early in the morning.
  • Selecting a peaceful place to hifz.
  • Reading out loud to self-correct mistakes.
  • Using a colourful Mushaf to retain the imagery in memory.


Is highly Hafiz Experienced.

It is said that even the easiest lesson is spoiled if it is explained or taught by an inexperienced Hafiz. The value of an experienced Hafiz tutor  is very high because they have learned out of their mistakes and trials. So, they better understand the scenario. As far as hifz is concerned, the experienced teacher can help in the following aspects. Where to begin the memorization process.

  • Managing the verses per day to revise.
  • How to  retain the lesson.
  • How to avoid distractions.
  • How to improve sleep and laziness.
  • How to stay connected and motivated.


Is Ijazah Certified.

Ijazah is a formal permission to teach what you have learned. If you are Ijazah Certified that means you are the best one eligible to be opted for the Hifz process.

Ijazah is the highest level of degree and if Islamic platforms like Quran Host are providing the facility of an Ijazah certified tutor then you must go for it. Such teachers are capable of making memorization journey efficiently successful for you.


Has knowledge of Tafseer Al-Quran.

Memorising without knowing the meaning will eventually end up in forgetting the verses. If you know what you are learning, it will help you recall and even make revisions easy. A teacher who has a good knowledge of Quran Tafseer will help you mind-map and understand

the following things:

  • The time and reason of revelation.
  • The place of revelation (Makki or Madani)
  • The scenario at the time of revelation.
  • The themes of the Surahs.
  • The overall meaning of the Surahs.
  • The meaning of each verse.


Has memorised the Quran efficiently.

A tutor who is a hafiz can better teach as he knows how he has completed the Hifz. Learning Quran online from a Qari or Qaria who can recite beautifully but are not hafiz can’t bring out excellent results of memorization as they have not experienced what it tooks to do Hifz.

Those who have memorised efficiently and took less time are the best to be selected. because they will help you to memories efficiently in less time.


Must be fluent in English.

If you are not in the Arab country. and want a teacher who is native Arabic. Then check if he/she is fluent in any most commonly used language i-e English and Urdu. 

A Hafiz tutor who is well-spoken and has a clear accent of English can cater to the needs of the students residing in the West and if the tutor is having good Urdu communicating skills then he/she can easily teach the students residing in Asia.

Faqs  About hafiz Quran Online

Q: How to memorize Quran in 30 days?

A: Memorizing the Quran in 30 days requires a dedicated and focused effort. Divide the Quran into equal portions and memorize one portion each day. Recite the portion you have memorized daily and revise the previous portions regularly. Seek guidance from a qualified teacher or mentor and maintain a consistent routine.
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Q: How to memorize Quran in 2 months?

A:  To memorize the Quran in 2 months, create a daily study plan, and stick to it. Divide the Quran into smaller portions, memorize one portion each day, and revise the previous portions daily. Keep a positive mindset, have patience, and seek guidance from a qualified teacher or mentor. Consistency is key to success.

Q: How long does it take to become a Hafiz?

A:  The time required to become a Hafiz, a person who has memorized the entire Quran, varies from individual to individual. It can take anywhere from 2 to 10 years or more, depending on factors such as age, dedication, and memorization techniques. Regular recitation and revision, seeking guidance from qualified teachers, and a sincere intention are essential for success.

Q: What are the effective ways to teach Quran memorization to children?

A: Effective ways to teach Quran memorization to children include creating a fun and engaging learning environment, using visual aids, breaking down verses into smaller portions, and reciting and revising regularly. Using technology and incorporating Islamic values into the teaching process can also help in making the learning process enjoyable for children.

Q: Can adults also learn Quran memorization?

A: Yes, adults can also learn Quran memorization. The age at which one starts memorizing the Quran does not matter as much as dedication and consistency in the learning process. Adults may face more challenges such as work and family commitments, but with the help of a qualified teacher, a supportive learning environment, and a sincere intention, they can also achieve the goal of memorizing the Quran.


To Wrap Up:

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