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Learning Quran Online for Beginner


Quran Host makes it possible for you with our reasonable Budget with a High-Quality Quran Learning Course for Beginners!

Since kids need to learn the basics of Quran recitation from their childhood so that they can embed the Islamic root values into them. 

The same goes for those who want to read the Quran Proficiently the way it is meant to be!

Why Choose QuranHost? Unlock The Door of Quranic Wisdom.

  1. The Online Quran Tutors to guide you.
  2. Free trial Online Quran classes
  3. No extra charges | Affordable Quran Classes
  4. Pro planned Quran Study schedule
  5. Easy to understand Basic Quran Noorani Qaida lessons
  6. Boost your focus & motivation
  7.  24/7 Virtual Study Stream.

How Do Start This Quran Learning Course?

Fill out the Registration form, and we will contact you for three days of free trial classes. After the free trial classes, you can start regular classes to Learn Quran.

Expert Teacher At your Fingertip.

Quran Host has Expert Online Quran Tutors to help you learn the Quran for Beginners in a very motivated and Free environment.

What makes our Tutors professionals to teach you the Quran?

  • Teaching Expertise of 5+ years
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Supportive Personal Qualities
  • Patience and self-confidence.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Have years of Professionalism.
  • Knowledge of Content.
  • Result oriented.

Getting Started: Initiating Your Quranic Learning Journey!

If you or your children are beginner QuranHost is a simple and straightforward process.

1. Book a free 2 Trail

2. Take Your free Classes . with our expert Teacher

3.  Start Learning Quran online  (Note: QuranHost have expert male and female Quran Teacher all over the world. according to your comfort.

Seamless Learning Experience

Following are the step-by-step plans to help you learn the Quran from the very basics to perfection!

1. Learn the Basics of the Quran from Noorani Qaida

After understanding the students’ mental capabilities, we start with Basic Quran Learning from Noorani Qaida.

  • Basic Arabic Alphabets
  • Harakat (Short Vowels)
  • Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
  • Noon Sakinah
  • Rules of Laam
  • Rules of every Huroof
  • Sakoon and Jazm
  • Noon Qutni
  • Letters, jointsand Compounds
  • Consonants
  • Leen Letter
  • Tanween
  • Rules of Raa
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping)
  • Arabic Letters With Correct Makharij

2. Learn to read the Quran word by word

  • Start with Easy chapters

Why do People often think that learning the Quran for beginners and kids is challenging?

The main reason is that they start reading from the long chapters such as Surah Al-Baqarah. Taking a look at such a long chapter is often daunting for beginners.

That is why we let the student decide wherever to start reading the Quran from easy and small chapters. Once you get a grip on them and develop fluency, then start reading the Holy Quran from the first juz.

  • Try To Find Your Favorite Chapter

Like the verses of the Holy Quran, its chapters also vary in terms of readability and there are a total of 114 chapters in the Holy Quran.

Eg. Surah Rahman and Surah Yaseen are the perfect examples of the chapters of the Holy Quran that are more close to the hearts of people. 

We let the student decide whichever Surah he likes and start from that point!

In this way, you can also read these chapters first before finishing the Holy Quran in sequence.

  • Learn The Nitty-Gritty Details

We let you learn about the nitty-gritty details that you need to care about when reciting the Holy Quran. 

The professional Teachers help you learn about the stoppages (waqf), Sajdah in the Quran, how to perform them, and elongations. It’s necessary to know:

  • What is the end of a verse?
  • What is the compulsory top?
  • What is a permissible Waqf?
  • Where you cannot stop?
  • Where to take a small pause?
  • Where to take a long pause?

Without having knowledge of these, you may not be able to read the Quran with perfection. But we help you in this aspect too!

  • Find Your Recitation Style (Qira’at)

When Allah has blessed you with such a mesmerizing voice! Then Why only read the Holy Quran in plain voice?

Qira’at refers to the different styles of Quran recitation.

Before you start learning the Quran reading, it’s better to know some basics about Qira’at. And we keep the students in touch with different styles in which they can recite the Quran.

When you are learning the Quran as a beginner or kid, it’s best to know about the different styles in which you can recite the Quran. 

There are ten different types of Qira’at. Seven are Mutawatir while three are Mashhur. We guide the Beginners to choose the one that is the best for them.

3. Step by step, get perfection to read Quran like Holy Prophet

Here is the step-step guide to getting perfection to Read Quran like our Holy prophet!

  • Being in the state of cleanliness:
  • Beginning the recitation with Ta’awwudh
  • Slow recitation
  • Accurate pronunciation
  • Beautifying recitation
  • Isolating yourself during recitation
  • Pondering on verses
  • Practicing of Quran with peers
  • Handling of Quran
  • Recitation of Quran on a daily basis 

4. Learn Quranic Tajweed Rules

For the proceeding to expertise level, we encourage the students to learn Tajweed Rules.

  • Saying Basmalah
  • The Rules of Noon and Meem Mushaddad
  • The Rules of  Noon Saakin  and  Tanween
  • The Rules of Meem Saakinah
  • Laam Shamsyiah & Qamaryiah
  • Qalqalah
  • Heavy and Light Letters
  • Al-Mad

5. Decide whether you Want to Memorize Quran ASAP or Later!

Some online Quran platforms directly lead beginners to Hifz Quran online even though they are just freshers and need more time to grasp the perfection before the final step of the Quran Memorization.

We give you the choice! 

If you are ok with Further proceeding with us or want to beautify your Concepts even more.!

6. If you do, then Learn to Memorize the Quran

If You have gotten the Grip on all the formalities for perfect recitation Of the Quran, you can Memorize Quran Online with us in a very short time or as per our need!

7. Get the Ijazah and start teaching others!

After completion of Hifz ul Quran, the students are given the opportunity to Recite the whole Quran by heart to the Tutor and get Ijazah!

It helps in professional life too!

Become an effective Imam (and not just one who recites) who can teach, explain, and train the audience.

24/7 Online Quran Classes Available!

We provide our dear students the opportunity to Learn Quran Rules anytime they want!

No need to be bound now!

Our Easy Handle Course gives students the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits their lives.

Low Fee | High-Quality Quran Course

Our final costs for this best Online Quran Course are definitely lower compared to what you would have to pay for a traditional on-campus degree course.


All in all, we have made you a member of our Transparent policy of Online Quran Course strategy and features. 

Enroll Now to unlock more premium features!


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