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Five Benefits of Staying in the State of Wudu | step by step

benefits of ablution in islam

You would pretty much agree with me when I say “Islam isn’t just a religion but a lifestyle.” Its codes of conduct are so pure that they penetrate our souls and purify us to the deepest. The same is the case with wudu – the compulsory ritual washing of the body parts before performing prayers or reading the holy Quran. It’s a simple process of washing hands, face, nose, mouth, and feet, but it has intense effects on body and soul. Let’s talk about the benefits of staying in the state of wudu.


Significance of make Wudu:

Before moving on towards benefits, let’s explore the significance of make  wuzu in the light of hadith. According to our Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon Him), “wudu is a glow (noor) and doing wuzu upon wuzu is glow over glow.” A sahabi (Prophet’s companion) explained this hadith that wuzu creates purity and glow on a person’s soul and face, respectively. And, when he does wuzu again when it wasn’t broken, the glow doubles in intensity, thereby purifying body and soul.


Benefits of Staying in the Steps  of Wudu

Cleaning of Essential Body Parts

Science has proven that you need to clean your face and hands a couple of times a day to remain fresh throughout the day. It is also necessary to keep the pores clean and dirt away from your skin. That’s what periodic water wash does! It refreshes your skin and fights pollution.

Purity of Soul

Angels accompany a person who is in wudu and remains with him as long as his wudu is retained. Therefore, it is of great significance as it results in elevating the ranks both in this world and hereafter. When a person performs this ritual, he feels purified and tries to stay away from sins.

Forgiveness of Sins

The Holy Prophet (may peace and blessing be upon Him) said “When a person washes his face during wudu, every sin committed from his eyes are washed away. When a person washes his hands during wudu, every sin committed from his hands are wiped out from his hands with water, or with the last drop of water. And, when he washes his feet, every sin his feet committed will be washed away with water, or with the last drop of water.” That’s how purified you become when you perform wudu!

Promise of Jannah

It has been promised that the parts where the water of wudu reaches will be taken to Jannah. In simple words, the person who has a habit of doing wudu is expected to get a place in Jannah.

Gives Physical Activeness

As mentioned earlier, you feel refreshed when you perform wudu. As a result, you become physically active when you feel energized. When you feel internally purified, you get the strength to work more. In short, wudu doesn’t only have religious benefits, but it has been proven good for health by science as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to perform Wudu?

The duration of Wudu varies from person to person, but on average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete the entire process.

Can I perform Wudu in any clean water source?

Yes, as long as the water is clean and pure, you can perform Wudu using tap water, river water, or any other clean water source.

What should I do if I break my Wudu?

If you break your Wudu (e.g., due to passing wind, using the restroom, or falling asleep), you must renew it before performing any act of worship, such as Salah.

Is it permissible to perform Wudu in advance?

Yes, you can perform “Tayammum” (dry ablution) in cases where water is not available or using it may harm you. However, it’s always recommended to perform Wudu with water when possible.

Can someone else perform Wudu on my behalf?

No, Wudu is a personal act of purification, and it cannot be performed by another person on your behalf. What is the significance of performing Wudu before Salah? Wudu prepares both the body and the mind for the act of worship. It cleanses the physical body and symbolizes the removal of impurities from the soul, allowing you to approach Allah in a state of purity and humility.


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