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The Prophet’s Morality Was Quran


Islam as a universal code of life teaches mankind morals and ethics to implement in various fields of life and spend a glorious and contented lifetime. The morals and ethics are being addressed and taught to the Muslims by Allah SWT in the Holy Quran and have been performed by the Holy Prophet SAW so that the Muslims can take inspiration from his life and take it as an example.

The Holy Quran addresses the life of the Holy Prophet as every event that has been quoted in the Holy Quran and is ever taught to you by a Quran tutor online is a part of the life of the Holy Prophet. Read below and get an insight into how various incidents of the life of Prophet SAW have great morals and lessons for you.

Events and Stories

The morals of Holy Prophet SAW are the best communicated through the mention of events of Badr, Uhud, and Khaiber which teaches the Muslims the lessons of bravery, firm belief in the mercy of Allah SWT, and selflessness be it one’s life or assets when it comes for the sake of Islam. Tell your kids such stories and events to incorporate brave morals in them as a kid and be the best Quran tutor to them. 

Tenderness of the Heart

Allah SWT invited the Holy Prophet SAW for the journey of Mairaj and showed him that is destined to happen with those who do not obey Allah SWT and those who are consistently striving to become a better Muslim. Upon seeing the circumstances which the Ummah will face on the day of Judgement, the holy Prophet SAW said: “If you knew that which I know you would laugh little and weep much.” This summarizes that the Holy Prophet despite knowing a lot kept his heart at peace and asked for the mercy of Allah for his Ummah throughout his life.

Ease and Gentleness

The Holy Prophet was commanded by Allah SWT: “Why do you say what you do not do?” The Holy Prophet SAW practiced what he preached. The Holy Prophet SAW taught his companions and followers to comply with one another and make every circumstance easy and convenient. Mutual cooperation and coordination are taught in every public and private deal. The lesson to not scare people with one’s power and wealth and provide them ease and comfort is also taught to the Muslims. Make Quran teaching for kids normalized and see how the morals and seerah of the Holy Prophet can benefit their personality. 

Learn Quran online free and memorize the morals of the Holy Prophet SAW in your personality so that you can bring contentment in your life and betterment to society. Encourage yourself to be fair with your dealings, stay optimistic, and try to make things easier and convenient for others who are dependent on you for bread and butter. Hire female Quran tutors for your daughters so that they can learn about the morals of Sahabiyah and incorporate them to become better human beings. 


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