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Birth of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Birth of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Establishing a point of reference for any study is perhaps one of the most important tools in studying an event or phenomenon. Without a point of reference, any study into causality, 

exploration, or description is in vain and cannot seem to explain or trace any ideas. Birth of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 

When it comes to the study of Islamic history. Most begin from the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) because that is the point it all began. In studying this history, several scholars give their accounts of the time and conditions at the time of the Prophet’s (PBUH) birth. Here is a brief account of the Birth of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Before the Birth of The Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The Prophet’s (PBUH) father was only seventeen years old he was married to Amina, who was a royal lady in Yathrib. Therefore, the family that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born into was very well-off. Six months before the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) his father, Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib visited Gaza and Syria on a trade expedition. On the way back from there, he visited Yathrib. He fell ill and was buried there.

♦  The Birth of Muhammad bin Abdullah

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was therefore born an orphan on the 12th of Rabi ul Awal in 570 AD. The year was known as the year of elephants and the quarter was the quarter of Banu Hashim. The date in the Christian calendar corresponds to the 8th of June 570.

Muhammad (PBUH), in his patrimony, inherited five camels and ten sheep as well as a maidservant called Umm Ayman. This instance is one that is often used as a testimony to prove that Prophets can inherit property from their children.

♦  After Birth of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

When Amina went into labor, Shifabint Amr served as her midwife. Abdul Muttalib was extremely happy at the birth of a grandson. He took him to the Kaabah and named him Muhammad as opposed to his traditional ancestral names. When asked, he would say that he named him Muhammad because he wanted his son to be praised by everyone. And Muhammad means “he who is praised”. The Makkans were also invited to a huge feast and Muhammad’s head shaved in keeping with the tradition.

Miracles at time of Birth of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

There were several miracles that took place at the time of Muhammad’s birth. A brief description of some of these miracles is as follows:

♦  Destruction of Abraha’s Army

The year when the Prophet (PBUH) was born was called the year of elephants because of this instance that is recorded in Surah Al-Fil of the Holy Quran. This was a time when Abraha, the King of Yemen, attacked the Kabah with an army of elephants with an intention to destroy it. However, the elephants suddenly halted. There came an army of birds with stones in their beaks that they dropped from a height, that killed the entire army.

♦  The Persian Fire

It is reported in many places that at the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) the Persian fire extinguished. The Persians worshipped fire and would create temples of huge bonfires. When Muhammad (PBUH) was born, one of the biggest bonfires that had existed for 1000 years suddenly extinguished on its own.

♦  Halima’s Conditions

Halima was the wet nurse of Muhammad (PBUH). It has been said that Halima lived a very mediocre life and had very little money and struggled with hunger. However, the moment she took Muhammad to take with her to foster, her conditions began to improve. Her animals recovered, her children began to grow stronger and famine in her lands ended.

♦  Devils Blocked From Hearing

Al Mawrid Al Haniyyu fi MawlidisSaniyyi says that since Muhammad was destined to be a Prophet. The devils and jinns were blocked from any news of the Heavens. It was observed that the frequency of falling stars rose too. This was supposedly devils being stricken by the Angels.

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