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How to Memorize Quran, Ottoman Method

How to Memorize Quran Ottoman Method

In Pakistan, we find a traditional; method of the Quran memorization. In this method, the lesson is divided into three parts i.e. Sabaq, Sabqi, and Manzil. Every Quran institute either on the ground or online, uses this method for their students to memorize the Quran. But there exists another method of Quran memorization which is applied in Turkey, Bosnia, and many places in Malaysia. This method is quite different from the traditional method of Quran memorization. Let’s explore how to memorize the Quran and, the Ottoman method.

Fundamental Rules of How to Memorize the Quran, Ottoman Method:

There are two fundamental rules of the Ottoman method of the Quran Memorization;

 Structured Repetition:

This core principle of the Ottoman method of Quran memorization consists of systematic repetition of the pages of the Quran. This continuous repetition of the specific parts of the Quran ensures that the verses are profoundly deep-rooted in memory.


The learner must revise the lesson daily. It makes the process of the Quran memorization easy. The more the lesson is revised by a learner the easier it is for him to memorize it deeply. This course requires you to be consistent. The revision of the course is the key to the success of this course.

The Stacking system:

To Memorize the Quran, the Ottoman Method works on the stacking technique. As you construct a building with building blocks or the kids play with Lego blocks. It works with the stacking technique. A similar technique is used in the Ottoman method of Quran memorization.

How the Process Commence:

In Pakistan, our Huffaz uses 16 pages of Mus’haf ul madina  to memorize the Quran. But for the Ottoman method of the Quran memorization, a 15-page Mus’haf is used.

This process may start with two different methods. The teacher may start teaching the Quran memorization from the 30th Juz of the Quran. If you memorize the 30th Juz then there are two possibilities for you to further proceed the memorization. You may go to 29th Juz and memorize it thoroughly or you may learn important Surahs of the Quran. These Surahs include Surah ArRAhman, Al-Mulk, Al-Waqiya etc. After that, you will start the rounds of stacking.

In the second method, you start the rounds of stacking after simply memorizing the 30th Juz.

What Round of Stacking Works:

This process starts with memorizing one page of the Quran in one day. You start learning with the last page of the 30th Juz. You may start learning from the first verse to the last verse of that page or you may memorize from the last verse of the page to the first one.

After memorizing the last page of the 30th Juz, you will learn the last page of the 29th Juz, then the last page of the 28th Juz, and so on. That means you will learn 30 pages of the Quran in 30 to 40 days. This is called the first round of stacking.

Then starts the second round of stacking. You begin this round with the 20th page of Sura Al-Baqara. After memorizing this page, you will leave the next 20 pages and will memorize the 40th page of Sura Al-Baqara. Then you will leave behind the next 20 pages and the cycle goes on until you finish the whole Mushaf.

In the second round of stacking, you start with memorizing the 19th page of Sura Al-Baqara. Then leave behind 20 pages and learn the 39th page of Suran Al-BAqarah. And the process goes on until you complete the whole Quran e Karem. That means, with a 15-page Mus’haf, you will complete 20 rounds of learning per page of the Mus’haf. This will take 20 months, as a whole.

This method is fruitful as it allows the learner to memorize the new lesson and the older one in one go. In this method, you need not to revise the new and the old lesson separately. This traditional way of the Quran memorization breaks the flow of learning that affects the learning outcomes badly.

Different stages of the Ottoman Method of the Quran memorization:

There are different stages of the Ottoman method of Quran memorization. The stages are as follows;

  • Khatm: This stage includes 10 rounds of the Quran at one go. In this round fluency, tajweed and pronunciation is the main focus. The student should be able to recite one page of the Quran in 2 minutes.
  • Chi: When you qualify for the above stage, you step forward to Chi which means the new lesson. This stage takes a minimum of 9 hours a day.
  • Zor Pismis: This stage includes repetition of the difficult verses of the Quran.
  • Kolay Pismis: This includes repetition of easier verses.
  •  Tekrar: This includes repetition of everything.
  • Tekrar Hepsi Seyfa: This includes the revision of every page of every Juz.
  • Has: This is the final stage that includes recitation of complete Quran or 10 Ajza in one day.


To Memorize the Quran with the Ottoman method is an unconventional method of the Quran memorization. Huffaz practice it in Turkey, Bosnia, and Malaysia. It is a bit tricky to understand and follow. But with this, a quick memorizer can memorize the Quran within 20 months. it contains a perfect system of repetition within itself.

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