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Learn Quranic Arabic course (العربية الفصحى)

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To learn and comprehend the Quran is the religious obligation of every Muslim. Allah Almighty revealed the Quran in the Arabic language. Arabic is a foreign language for non-Arabs. So we have to comprehend Arabic as a language if we want to understand the genuine message of the Quran. We at QuranHost want to make learning the Arabic language as easy as possible. Our tremendous course Learn Arabic Online is designed to help you learn Arabic conveniently. We are conducting this course under the supervision of native Arab Quran tutors.

What kids will learn in this course:

Arabic Reading

Arabic Alphabets

Arabic phonetics

Arabic Pronunciation


Different styles of Arabic

How to interpret the Quran.


QuranHost offers to learn Arabic online courses for our valued clients. Quranic Arabic is one of its sections. This course deals with the Arabic language, phonetics, and dialect. This course provides a base for you to learn Arabic online with QuranHost. If you want to learn Arabic online, come and join the course.

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