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Learn Spoken Arabic Grammar with Quranhost

In “Arabic Language” you will learn Arabic phonetics and dialect. In "Arabic Grammar,"

If you want to learn the Arabic language, the learning process consists of four steps.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

It is easy to learn writing any language. But to learn spoken language is a hard nut to crack. It requires basic knowledge of the language. A grip on grammar, comprehension, and formation of sentences. It also requires a lot of verbal practice.

Learn Arabic Online | Spoken Arabic online 

In our, Learn Arabic online course at QuranHost, we deal with all steps. Our native Arab teachers work hard to clarify the concepts of Arabic grammar. We work hard on the Arabic language and comprehension. We aim the course in teaching the Arabic language to our valued clients vividly.

What is special about Spoken Arabic?

In “Arabic Language” you will learn Arabic phonetics and dialect. In “Arabic Grammar,” you’ll learn about Arabic grammar, composition, words, and sentence structure. Then there is a specific part of the Learn Arabic online course, which is “Spoken Arabic”. This part deals with practicing spoken Arabic under the supervision of native Arab teachers. With continuous practice of spoken Arabic with native Arab tutors, you will start speaking Arabic conveniently. We specially design this course to meet the needs of believers, who are non-Arabs, but want to learn Arabic properly.

What will students learn with this course?

1. Arabic Pronunciation

Arabic promouncation

Arabic promouncation a to z

 Consonants and Vowels

The Role of Diacritics

2. Sentence Structure in Spoken Arabic

arabic grammar Sentence structure with quranhost

learn Arabic grammar sentence structure w

 Subject-Verb-Object (SVO)

 Gender and Agreement

3. Verb Conjugation

Learn Arabic grammar verbs with!

Learn Arabic verbs

 Root System

Tense and Aspect

4. Pronouns and Possessives

 Learn about Arabic pronouns and possessives with this lesson from Quranhost.

Arabic grammar pronouns and possessive

 Personal Pronouns

  Possessive Pronouns


Learn Arabic online course has a specific part which is called spoken Arabic. In this part of the course, you will learn and practice spoken Arabic. When you try to speak Arabic with native Arab Quran tutors, you will learn many things about the language. Join QuranHost to be a part of this tremendous Arabic learning course.

With this spoken Arabic part, you will learn to communicate in the Arabic language. It will be helpful for you in worldly matters and in attaining religious knowledge.

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