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online arabic grammar course for childer

Online Arabic Grammar Course for Beginners and Advanced Learners

Arabic is one of the Semitic languages including Aramaic Hebrew and many other languages. Its grammar is similar to other Semitic languages. Arabic grammar is divided into two branches;


Sarf is the study of word formation. It is the branch of the Arabic language which deals with the formation of words in Arabic. In the Arabic language, every word has a root word. Many different words are derived from every root word. To study the science behind making words from any root word is called Sarf.


Nahaw is the branch of the Arabic language that deals with the usage of words in sentences. This part of Arabic grammar discusses the methods, of how Arabic words are used in sentences.

Arabic Grammar is a part of  Learn Arabic online course. This part of the course contains details about Nouns, Pronouns, adjectives, and other parts of speech of Arabic grammar. It is very significant to learn Arabic grammar to understand Quranic Arabic.

What will learn Arabic Grammar Course?

Students will learn following aspects after this course.

The Arabic alphabet and pronunciation

Nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns

Declension and conjugation

Sentence structure

Particles and conjunctions

Idioms and colloquialisms

Cultural aspects of Arabic grammar

Students will learn different types of sentences in this course.


Arabic grammar mainly contains two parts. Sarf is the part of the Arabic language that deals with word formation. It is related to the root words, the formulae based on which you can make more words from a single root word. Nahaw is the study of sentence formation. It is the part of Arabic grammar which teaches the art of using Arabic words to make sentences. QuranHost has planned this part of learn Arabic online course to teach their valued clients the fundamentals of Arabic grammar. It is a basic requirement for learning Quranic Arabic. Get a 2 Free Trail 

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