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How to Make your Kids Learn Quran Happily

How to Make Kids Learn Quran

“Those Who Have Believed And Whose Hearts Are Assured By The Remembrance Of ALLAH. Unquestionably by the Remembrance Of ALLAH Hearts Are Assured”. Surah Ar-Ra’ 13:28

ALLAH S.W.T has blessed all Muslims with the Holy Book of The Quran, which guides all Muslims towards the right path. Muslim husbands and wives feel pride in witnessing their children read, learn and love The Quran and understand the essence that This Holy Book imparts for our own betterment and success.

Kids are asked to just memorize Quran by starting through short and easy to memorize verses for the sake of fulfilling the responsibility of reading The Quran just once, however, it is important to make them understand the meaning of verses, the facts about Islamic History, the Teachings of Holy Prophet and the do and don’ts highlighted by ALLAH S.W.T.

The Quran can be taught to kids this way, but it can’t be learned by them until they connect themselves emotionally and develop a love for what they are being taught. It can only happen by applying a few of the unique learning tips:

  • When a child is asked to learn a verse from The Quran, do mention the Surah it refers to. By referring to the Surah here it means to connect a link between the child and the hidden meaning present in the Surah. Whether it’s a lesson of peace, or it’s a lesson on forgiving people, or patience and humility; let him learn the crux of the Surah first in storytelling.
  • As The Quran tells us about the true and factual incidences and stories on Islamic historic backgrounds, you must develop their interest in these incidences so they will remember them for the rest of their lives.
  • This way, not only the lessons learned from The Quran will be stored in your child’s heart but also your child will be able to have its practical implication through his/her life.
  • Online availability of The Quran such as QuranHost, has made it easier for you to make your child listen to The Quran frequently, especially when you are preparing your child to sleep.
  • You are not bound to make your kids learn The Quran after birth only. You must listen to The Quran and make recitations while you are still pregnant while doing chores at home.
  • Encourage your children to read The Quran and make them understand how they can resolve matters and become successful with its knowledge and understanding.
  • Do engage your children in family activities and games based on Islamic teachings for wisdom and purity.

“And We Send Down of The Qur’an that which is Healing and Mercy for The Believers” Surah Al Isra’ 17:82


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