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Learn Quran Online Through Technologically Advanced Ways

Learn Quran Online Through Technologically Advanced Ways

The modern technology has changed the ways of seeing the world and perceiving results from there. This evolution has brought the world closer and sharing information from different cultures has become much easier and faster. This evolution also helps ordinary people increase their knowledge and see the modern world differently.

Online Quran Learning

The Islamic world has also accepted this transformation as the Muslims know that they can propagate Islam in the world and spread the message of truth globally. The advancement in technology has opened new ways of Quran learning as well as Muslim families living in non-Muslim countries can use this method for the basic learning of the Quran and basic Islamic principles as well.

Muslims must be aware of the importance of learning the Quran. It is imperative before learning the Quran. Allah conveys His message in the Quran about Quran learning by saying:
“[This is] a Book revealed to you, [O Muhammad] – so let there not be in your breast distress therefrom – that you may warn thereby and as a reminder to the believers.” (7:2)

This verse clearly tells us that Allah Almighty is revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the basic purpose of this word is to release the burden due to sins and distrust and give reminders to all those who believe in Allah.

Quran learning in History

From the holy era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Quran learners had been coming to the teacher. The teacher had been sitting in the center and the students were all around. After that, Mosques became the place where Quran lovers used to come and learn it. Madrassas (traditional Islamic schools) took the responsibility of Quran teaching in the sub-continent and till now, people send their children to Islamic schools or hire a scholar for their children to give them the awareness about Quran and Islamic teachings.

Learn Quran Online through Online Academies

The latest trend of learning the Quran is through online Quran learning academies. You can join any online Quran learning academy, according to your choice, which provides you with an online Quran tutor. He has the responsibility to come live through Skype or any other video chat tool and teach you Quran and Islamic principles by giving you complete knowledge through presentations and live pages. Through this method, you can find a Quran tutor from anywhere in your location and make Quran learning easier for you and your children.

Quran learning through Quranic apps

The technological advancements in mobile apps have also made the Quran learning easier. Through these apps, you can participate in the lectures available here and learn how to read Quran with Tajweed. These apps are also helpful in providing you and your children with the basic knowledge of Islam and its teachings.

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