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6 Things Parents Should Do When the Kid is Memorizing Quran Online

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Memorizing the Holy Quran completely and becoming a Hafiz is a dream of many but it does not come easy and convenient. The overall learning process of memorizing and understanding the verses of the Holy Quran is not easy and to overcome the difficulties, parents can be the biggest support. They can help their child throughout his journey of memorizing the Quran online by opting for various practices stated below in this read.

Check the Nutrition

Your child will require strong memory as it will impact his/her speed of memorization. To enhance the speed, you should take good care of your child’s nutrition and prepare him a schedule of food items that can boost the memory. You can consider eggs, nuts, blueberries, fatty fish, and other such food options according to your child’s eating habits.

Let your child choose the path

Parents should not be forcing their children to follow a certain path unless they choose to do the same. The children who are forced to become Hafiz lack interest and consistency which makes the process a lot difficult for them. What the parents can do is to make their child explore the holy Quran in-depth, get them mentored and counseled by the best Quran tutors, and once they become keenly interested, proceed with their journeys. 

Hire a mentor for your child

Mentors and tutors can help you do a lot better under expert supervision. As your child begins the journey of memorizing the Quran, hire the best Quran tutors for them to create an effective learning environment and growth as a Muslim. Quran tutors online will; not only teach them the learning process but will also increase their Islamic knowledge in various fields of life. 

Sit with your kid

Assess your kid throughout the time being as he memorizes the Quran online. Ask if he has any issues with the teacher or if he is unable to memorize any Surah. Make him comfortable enough to discuss any issue or burden he is facing so that the overall process becomes easier for both of you.

Motivate your child

Demotivation comes in when you feel intense burden and pressure due to various reasons. While your child juggles between academic stress and learning the Quran, there is a chance that he may face a lack of motivation and inconsistency. Help him get rid of the feeling and motivate him to believe in himself.

Reward your kid

Everyone likes to be rewarded for every accomplishment. As your child memorize  Quran online and fulfills his goals and targets, reward him with tiny gestures which he likes so that a sense of appreciation and motivation builds.  

Following the above-mentioned practices, as a parent, you can lend great support to your child to fulfill his dream to become a hafiz. Consistent motivation and mutual effort will lead to effective learning and a great conceptual base of the Quran and Islamic laws and traditions. You along with your child will be able to explore the teachings of the Holy Quran in a better way



FAQs About memorization of Quran

1.How can I create a distraction-free learning space for my child?

Creating a dedicated corner or room with minimal distractions is key. Remove unnecessary items, ensure proper lighting, and provide comfortable seating.

2.How do I keep my child motivated throughout the memorization process?

Setting achievable goals, offering positive reinforcement, and incorporating interactive activities can help maintain your child’s motivation.

3.What if my child faces difficulties in understanding certain verses?

Encourage your child to ask questions and seek guidance from teachers or scholars. Utilize resources like tafsir to deepen their understanding.

How can I balance Quran memorization with my child’s other commitments?

Establish a consistent routine that accommodates your child’s other activities. Prioritize quality over quantity in memorization sessions.

4.What role does technology play in online Quran memorization?

Technology provides access to interactive tools and platforms that enhance the learning experience. Familiarize yourself with these resources to support your child effectively.

5.How can I help my child cope with the challenges of memorization?

Create an open and supportive environment for your child to discuss challenges. Encourage resilience and provide guidance to overcome difficulties.

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