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Ten fortunate Companions who were promised Paradise


The Holy Prophet SAW was accompanied by great companions who performed acts of such bravery and valor that they were promised great rewards by Allah SWT. There are numerous events in the history of Islam that took place and the companions of Holy Prophet SAW set examples for mankind to remember forever. If you will memorize Quran online, you will see many of them mentioned in the Holy Quran as Allah SWT has been kind to them and has rewarded them with the greatest reward of paradise.

Ali Ibne Abu Talib

Hazrat Ali RA was the cousin of Holy Prophet SAW and husband to his beloved daughter. He was the first one who converted to Islam soon after the Holy Prophet represented it as a religion. He was a great warrior. Due to his bravery and fearlessness, Holy Prophet SAW gave him a sword named ‘Zulfiqar’ and announced to him the good news of his settlement in Jannah.

Abdul Rahman Bin Auf

Being one of the six people who first converted to Islam, he was a wealthy man but never got attracted towards materialistic desires and never showed off his wealth. Instead, he used to spend most of his money on wars for their execution and for the betterment of Muslim Ummah. 

Zubair Bin Al Awaam

Titled as the Hawari of the Holy Prophet SAW, he was a gallant and fearless military leader who followed the death of Mohammad and spent most of his life serving the religion.

Saeed Bin Zayd

Far from paganism even when he was a young 20 year old, he was considered hanif. He contributed a lot to the events and gave his best. 

Saad Bin Abi Waqass

Saad is one of the bravest companions the Holy Prophet SAW ever had as he stood to protect the Holy Prophet from the evils and dangers that surrounded him in the battle of Uhud. When Bilal RA became absent from his duty to call every day’s prayer, it was Sadd who got the honor. There are many other acts of his bravery which the best Quran tutors can tell you so that you can take inspiration.

Usman Bin Affan

Usman bin Affan, the third caliph of Islam gave his everything for the protection and growth of Islam throughout his life. He got the honor of rebuilding Masjid e Nabvi for which he got promised paradise as a reward.

Talha Bin Ubaydullah

Talha Bin Ubaydullah was another beloved companion of the Holy Prophet SAW. in the battle of Uhud and in the battle of Camel, he performed his best and is still known for the act.

Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah

The best Quran tutors will tell you about Amin Ul Ummah who took care of the Ummah as his own family. His personality attracted a lot of him and made him loved and respected by everyone.

Umar Bin Khattab

The second caliph of Islam is a notable mention in the history of Islam. He was promised paradise as he was the first adult who converted to Islam without any hesitation and contributed a lot to the growth of Islam.

Abu Bakr

A notable mention is the first caliph of Islam, best friend to the Holy Prophet, and known for his tremendous efforts throughout his life as a support to the Ummah

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