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The Importance of Tafseer Quran Online for the Muslims

The Importance of Tafseer Quran Online

Quran is the most holy book of Allah. It is the last message of Allah to mankind and the surest source of guidance in this world. The Muslims have the responsibility to understand the orders given in to them and follow them with a complete spirit. You can do it only if you will understand the true spirit of the Quran. It will not only sharpen your intellectual ability but also increase your knowledge of Islam.

To understand what Quran demands from us, there is a need for particular intellectuality, and after that; the stage comes when we find a true message. But, the reality is that there are only a few people from since it was revealed on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who took the responsibility to explain the true meanings to the general Muslims. These people are called “Mufassir” and their efforts are called Tafseer.

To describe the actual message of the Quran, different scholars did their efforts and wrote Tafseer according to their understandings. Although Muslims recite Quran and translate it, Tafseer has its own importance.

Why Tafseer Quran online is important?

Fasaara is the root word of Tafseer and it means to explain. Tafseer of the Quran is basically the explanation or interpretation. There are very strict rules for the Mufassirs and any ordinary or common intellect cannot fulfill the requirements of writing a Tafseer. The Tafseer is written for the audience so that they can get an understanding of the Quran and explore the message of Allah Almighty.

Why do people consult Tafseer? The Reasons

  • It helps the readers understand what Quran demands to us for living a life according to the directions given by Allah Almighty. Translation gives the literal meanings of the verses and learning the Quran Online course can resolve the issue of learning the verbal meanings of the Quran. On the other hand, Tafseer provides you with the context and the purpose of the specific verse. Initially, you can start with translation, but when you get the literal meanings, you need to explore the true message and you can achieve your target only through Tafseer Quran online.
  • To derive the laws of Islam through the Holy Quran, Tafseer plays an important role. It is the duty of the Mufassir to extract instructions of the verses, develop coordination with the hadeeth of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and give a set of instructions given by Islam to the Muslims.
  • Mufassir implements scientific methods for the verse analysis and through this way, he can be able to clear the ambiguity or contradiction which can be generated in the minds of the readers.


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