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Obligatory And Sunnah Acts In Wudu


Islam has provided a code of conduct and defined rules and regulations for the prayers to be offered and religious customs and traditions to be followed. For every prayer, a mandatory ritual or practice to be performed is the Wudu. It is mandatory to perform Wudu for every prayer be it the offering of Namaz 5 times a day or the recital of the Holy Quran. The actions performed in the Wudu are of two types: Obligatory and Sunnah Acts. Obligatory acts are the ones that are made mandatory by Allah SWT as a part of cleanliness and purity for the prayers. Sunnah acts are the ones that were then performed by our Holy Prophet SAW and now are being followed as his legacy and footsteps.

To give you an insight into the obligatory and sunnah acts of Wudu, the following read has incorporated all the necessary information. Learn Quran online and you will know about these deeds in detail.


Obligatory Acts in Wudu

Wash the Face

Washing your full face three times is an obligatory act of the Wudu.

Wash both hands including the elbows

Washing both hands including the elbows, following the sequence of right hand first then the second hand, is also an obligatory act of the Wudu.


Wiping the head and neck with water and applying masah on at least one-fourth of the head is also an obligatory act of the Wudu.

Wash the Feet

Washing the feet, right to left, inclusive of ankles is an obligatory act of the Wudu.

Sunnah Acts of the Wudu

Reciting “Bismil Laa-hir-Rahmaa-nir-Raheem” before you begin

Reciting Bismillah and other duas is a beautiful sunnah to begin your wudu with.

Washing Hands 

Washing hands upto the wrists three times is an act of Sunnah.


Cleaning the teeth by applying Miswak.


Rinsing the mouth three times is an act of sunnah. 

Cleaning Nostrils

Sniffing up water into nostrils three times and cleaning the nose with the left hand is an act of Sunnah.


Passing wet fingers through the beard is an act of Sunnah.

Cleaning the Feet

Passing wet fingers of the right hand through the left and the left through the right hand and passing the small finger of the left hand between the toes at the point of the feet.

Body Wash

Washing all the parts of your body thrice.

Wiping Ears

Wiping the inner sides of the ears with the forefingers and upper sides with the thumbs is an act of Sunnah.

Performing Wudu in Sequence

The following mentioned acts are required to be fulfilled to perform prayers and offer Namaz. The online Quran tutors will also teach you the general significance and impact of Wudu on your physical and mental well-being. Perform Wudu before sleeping and after waking up in the morning and witness some impeccable changes in your overall hygiene and thought process. 


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