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6 Tips To Help You Learn to Recitation Quran Fast

Learning The Quran Is A Great Honor

Quran is the Holy book of Muslims and it is a great honor and virtue to read and learn it. Becoming a Hafiz Quran will bring a great deal of goodness to one in this world and the hereafter. 

People reading the Quran regularly will also be rewarded greatly by Allah Almighty. 

Nowadays, people’s schedules have become quite tough, and learning the Quran fast and easy  has become a bit difficult, especially for teens attending colleges as well as for adults doing jobs but trying to balance deen and dunya together. It may prove to be quite a physical and spiritual challenge. However, with Allah’s help and determination, anything can be achieved.

Here are a few tips that will help you to learn to Read  the Holy Book of Allah Almighty fast and easily.

A Few Tips To Learn Quran Fast And Easy!

Learn online Quran reading

Nowadays, it is very easy to learn the Quran online. You can access the web from anywhere and open Quran and memorize it. You can also take online Quran classes through a mentor which will also be very helpful and make your Quran learning journey easy and efficient.

Pure Intentions Matter

The first and foremost thing is that your intentions should be pure. You must want to memorize Quran for the sake of Allah Almighty and not due to any other pressure. In Islam, actions are judged by intentions and the concept of niyyat is greatly emphasized in religion. 

Hence, if the intentions are pure, memorizing the Quran will be easier.

Set A Proper Timeline

Even while studying for examinations, you always make plans and timelines on how to achieve your study goal and get the maximum results. Hence, the same applies to while trying to memorize the Quran. 

It is imperative you make a timeline, get a pen and paper, write down what sections and surahs you have already memorized, how much portion of the Quran you plan to memorize in the coming days or weeks, and set a deadline for different sections. Follow all these plans religiously and ensure you are on schedule, or even ahead.

A tip to learning the Quran easy is to be realistic and set goals that are achievable. Do not recite large parts of the Quran at one time because then you might forget it or may not be able to remember it properly. 

Also, set goals according to the time you have available. For example, young children have more time on their hands so can devote greater parts of their time to memorizing the Holy Book. However, if an adult with a job and family recently decided to learn the Quran, it is not possible to spend the same amount of time due to other important responsibilities. Allah has deemed family very important and one should not deny them their rights.

Hence, make your goals according to the time you can allot and how much is achievable.

Setting unrealistic expectations from yourself will only cause you to be upset and discouraged.

Ensure Proper Surroundings And Time To Recite The Quran

You cannot study for your exams in an environment where there is noise everywhere. Similarly, ensure you are in a peaceful and quiet space before you start memorizing the Holy Book of Allah. 

Make sure you are not distracted and in proper peace of mind so that you can learn the Quran with full concentration. 

You can choose a time you are most relaxed in to start memorizing. After you are done with the prayers of that particular time, you can utilize this time to learn the Quran. 

Recite Memorized Verses In Prayers

One of the most effective ways to memorize and remember Quranic verses is to recite them in prayer. For example, if you have learned a few verses over the past few days, recite them one by one in all prayers. This way, you will have recited one or a few of those verses many times in the 5 salah you pray. 

Salah is a way to establish a spiritual connection to Allah Almighty. And if you regularly recite these verses, you might not just be learning them but establishing a deeper connection to God through them. That is beautiful. 

Make The Use Of Flash Cards

You are probably aware of what flashcards are. They are small cards bearing key points, concise information, or numbers. 

Flashcards are a great way to help with memorizing the Quran. You could write verses on them and revise them whenever you have time. 

The best part about flashcards is, you can keep them with you and use them anywhere you want. Flashcards are an effective way to memorize the Quran with ease.

Learn Memorizing The Quran With Tajweed

The proper way of memorizing the Quran also involves proper pronunciation. This will ensure that you remember the recitation correctly and it will be easier to detect mistakes 

Reciting the Quran with Tajweed also feels good to the ears and one is more attracted to recite Quran in this manner. 

To wrap it up

These were a few tips to help you learn the Quran in an easy and effective manner. Learning the Quran fast  will not only benefit you in this world but also in the Hereafter. Allah Almighty will give you the best of both worlds. You will also feel content and happy in your heart by reciting God’s verses.  If you want to study learn Quran fast online, Quran Host has excellent and certified tutors to put you through. 

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May Allah help make this journey to memorization easy for you. Goodluck!

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