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8 Great Tips To Complete Your Qur’an Hifz | Memorization Fast

Becoming memorization  of the Holy Quran is one of the most blessed things that a Muslim can do. But the fact is, it isn’t easy to complete the Hifz of a book like the Quran. The time and attention it takes to memorize the Quran is unparalleled compared to other books.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Every day, more and more people become Hafiz-e-Quran. And they accomplish it through discipline and by paying attention. If you are thinking about becoming a Hafiz or are in the process of Hifz but are having difficulty, then you can become aware of some useful tips that will help you in the process of Hifz by reading this blog.

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Now, onto the blog:

Benefits Of Quran Recitation During Ramadan

  • Seek Help From Allah

Allah is the almighty, and all that we do is with his help. We begin our day by praying to him, we say his name whenever we begin a task, and we seek his guidance in all matters and issues. So, it makes sense that one of the most important tasks that a Muslim can undertake is also done with help from Allah. If you are beginning your Hifz, then recite Bismillah before beginning and ask for his help in your quest to complete the blessed endeavor of memorizing the Holy Quran.

  • Learn Tajweed

The most basic aspect of memorizing the Quran is knowing how to speak the words and pronounce the letters and their conjunctions. Tajweed is the best way to learn the correct pronunciation of words, the way Muhammad (PBUH) pronounced them.

Tajweed also has other benefits, including the fact that the pronunciation of Tajweed is very precise, so even the smallest of mistakes can be detected. And Tajweed grants a particular melody to your voice, so whenever you are reciting the Quran, you are doing so in a beautiful way.

  • Read The Verses Out Loud

Many opt for quiet recitation, but the fact is, reading the verses out loud is better for the retention and memorization process. Reading out loud is also beneficial because it helps you self-detect any issues that might arise in your pronunciation and correct them on the spot or have them corrected by a Quran teacher who is sitting with you.

  • Remember; You Won’t Hifz Overnight

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can memorize the Quran faster than others and try to complete their Hifz almost overnight. This is the wrong approach. In many ways, you might retain all that you have memorized for a while, but you will lose it quite quickly without following a proper and efficient memorization process. The overnight process will not help you retain but forget. So, take your time, understand what you are learning and make sure that you are retaining that part. Then you should move on to the next part.

  • Understand The Verses

This rule applies to everything that people try to memorize, and it applies the most to the process of Hifz. Understand what is being taught, understand the teachings of Allah, understand the verses and how they are connected to each other. Understand the overall story being told. This will help you a lot in the Hifz process. Make sure to read the Tafsir of every verse.

  • Don’t Lose Hope

The process of Hifz is long. And you certainly won’t become a true Hafiz in a short time, like days or even weeks. It takes a lot quite some time to accomplish this task. During that time, many people stumble or forget some things. And they become disheartened because they think that they will never complete their Hifz. But it is important to keep hope and faith.

Most people take over a year or two to fully memorize the Quran, so prepare for a long Hifz journey from the start and have hope.

  • Wake Up Early

This might sound unrelated, but waking up early in the morning has a lot of benefits. Not only does waking up early give you the time to pray Fajr, but your mind also becomes sharper and more alert, helping you to retain verses better. Waking up early has many benefits for your body and your mind. Memorizing for at least 30 minutes after Fajr has proven to be very beneficial.

  • Learn From Renowned Online Quran Teacher

Completing your Hifz without a proper Quran teacher can be very difficult. There are many places where you might struggle during a Memorization where a Quran teacher will be able to help you or correct you. That is why it is highly recommended that when you are undertaking a Hifz, you hire a teacher that you can learn from.

To Wrap Up

These eight tips will surely help you in your Quran Memorization process and make sure that your Hifz is an effective and enlightening process that will help you throughout your life.

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