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How to Read Quran in Arabic Correctly


Quran is the best source of information for any Muslim. It was revealed through the last messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), and has been very significant ever since. It is an obligation upon every Muslim to learn how to read Quran in Arabic correctly. Muslim parents have to teach their kids Quran recitation properly.

There are a number of institutions and centers that have been set up to educate and teach Muslim Quran reading in Arabic with Tajweed. These institutions and Madrassas have been a very positive sign throughout the world with people learning more about the Holy Book.

How the trends have changed with technology?

However, with the advent of technology, things have slightly changed. People have started to get themselves enrolled in various online courses and programs to learn more about the Holy Quran. Considering its significance, all the Muslims from around the world look forward to attaining the best possible education that can further help themselves in their overall lives. These online sites are ideal for beginners as they start from the very basics and increase step by step.

Do You Read Quran in Arabic Correctly?

Since Arabic is not the mother tongue of the majority of the people out there, people often tend to find it a  bit difficult in reading and understanding the Quran. Yes, the Quran would probably be available in your national language too, but it is ideally read in the Arabic version. This, at times, makes it difficult for people to read it properly and they tend to make mistakes, therefore.

Why QuranHost to Read Quran in Arabic?

We, at the QuranHost, make sure that all the people are taught the basics of the Holy Quran in the clearest manner. For all the beginners, we ensure that we first start off with the basic Arabic grammar so that the students have a thorough understanding of the pronunciation of the Arabic language. Once they master this, then we gradually start with the simple Surahs of the Holy Quran and then forward. This way it doesn’t become too hectic for them and they start enjoying the learning process. The best part about Quran Host is that our tutors are very influential and hardworking and they make sure that every student makes the most out of it.

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