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How to pronounce Arabic Alphabets with Tajweed

Arabic alphabet Letter with pronunciation guide

Correct Promouncation of Arabic Alphabets | Tajweed ?

Arabic is one of the most eloquent languages around the globe. It is not only an eloquent language but it also contains some unique features that distinguish it from other languages. It doesn’t have any capital or small letters. It has standard alphabets with specific sounds. Every alphabet has specific articulation with the explicit movement of the tongue and exclusive sound from the throat.

The Importance of Learning Tajweed

To learn articulation and Makhrij of every Arabic alphabet is quite significant to learn the Quran with Tajweed. To learn to recite the Quran with Tajweed, it is necessary to learn to recite the Arabic Alphabet with the correct pronunciation. Another unique quality of Arabic is that the appropriate essence of the divine message depends upon the accurate enunciation of the Arabic alphabet

Classification of Arabic Alphabets based on their pronunciation

Arabic Alphabets are divided into two classes based on the difference between their pronunciations. These classes are;

  • Heavy Letters
  • Light Letters

How to Pronounce Heavy Letters in Arabic

ص، ض، ط، ظ   and غ are called heavy letters. It is because of the unique pattern in which these alphabets are pronounced. These alphabets are uniquely emphasized while reciting the Holy Quran. This emphasis and prolongation of the heavy alphabet is necessary to learn to accurately enunciate the Quranic verses. To attain a command of the proper articulation of the heavy Arabic alphabets is mandatory to recite the Quran accurately. The letters other than the heavy letters are called the light letters.

Let’s discuss how we can pronounce different Arabic alphabets. First, we will discuss the general enunciation of all Arabic alphabets, then we will thoroughly the pronunciation of heavy letters. It is quite important to learn their pronunciation as it is quite different from other letters.

Pronunciation of the Arabic Letter with tajweed ?

  •  ا   Alif
  • ب  Baa
  • ت  Taa
  • ث  Thaa
  • ج   Jeem
  • ح   Haa
    (the way you clear your throat but the sound ends with a sudden cut in the air)
  • خ   Khaa
  • د    Daal
  • ذ    Zaal
  • ر    Raa
  • ز    Zaa
  • س  Seen
  • ش  Sheen
  • ص  Ssaad
    (It is a heavy sound of seen, which is pronounced from the deep part of the palate, ensuring a heavy S sound. This sound is a bit prolonged and emphasized)
  • ض Daad
    (It is a heavy sound of Daal, which is also articulated from the deep part of the palate with a bit more emphasis and prolonged effect)
  • ط   Taa’
    (It is the heavy sound of Taa, which is produced with a slight twist to the tip of the tongue, from the deep part of the palate)
  • ظ    Zaa
    (It is a heavy sound of Zaa, which is produced again by the tip of the tongue. But it should be pronounced in a softer and delicate tone. This sound is also produced from the deep part of the palate, producing a heavy sound of Zaa)
  • ع    Aiin
    Ain is a heavy sound. It is pronounced from the deep part of the throat, emitting a distinct and heavy sound. This sound is produced as if one is slightly choking while ensuring proper elongation.
  • غ   Ghain
    (Ghain is a heavy sound. Pronounce it from the back of the throat with a distinct guttural sound. This sound is even heavier than Ain but similar in its deep pronunciation)
  • ف   Faa
  • ک   Kaaf
  • ق   Qaaf
    (Qaaf is a heavy sound, We articulate it from the back end of the throat, with a specific movement of the tongue, from the deep part of the palate, producing the heavy sound of K.)
  • ل   Laam
  • م   Meem
  • ن   Noon
  • و   Waa
  • ہ    Haa
  • ی   Yaa
  • ۓ  Yaa

Common Tajweed Mistakes

Learning Tajweed can be challenging, and learners often make common mistakes in pronunciation. Being aware of these mistakes is the first step in correcting them.

Tips for Practicing Tajweed

To master Tajweed, regular practice is essential. Some tips for effective practice include consistent recitation, seeking guidance from a knowledgeable teacher, and using online resources.

Online Resources for Learning Tajweed:

With the advent of the internet, learning Tajweed has become more accessible than ever before. Many websites and apps offer Tajweed courses and resources, but QuranHost’s online Quran with a Tajweed course is the best. With this course, you can learn to pronounce the Arabic alphabet accurately and fluently. Additionally, QuranHost native Arab Quran tutors are experts in teaching the accurate pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet.


Mastering accurately pronouncing the Arabic Alphabet is a key to reciting the Quran precisely. You can learn to recite the Arabic alphabets precisely with QuranHost. Join QuranHost to be a part of the tremendous course to master the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets. It is the fundamental phenomenon in reciting the Quran and even comprehension of the right meanings of the Quran.

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