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How to Pray in Islam. step by step guideline

how to pray in Islam

There are five pillars of Islam. Shahada, Prayer (Salah), Observe Fast (Soum), Zakat and Hajj. Prayer or Salah is one of the five pillars of Islam. A pillar is something on which a building stands firmly. The most strong the pillar is, the most durable and sustainable the building is. So, every one of these pillars of Islam is important at its own place.

Importance of Prayer in Islam:

Prayer is one of the most important way to worship Allah SWT. It is the worship that Allah Almighty like the most. Prayer or Salah is as important in Islam that Allah Almighty has mentioned prayer in Quran almost 67 time. Quran and Hadith emphasized too much on importance of prayer. There is a bundle of reward offered for establishing prayer, while many punishments are described in Quran and Ahadith for leaving prayer out of laziness or negligence. Allah Almighty says in Quran e Kareem,

“Surely, the Salah at fixed hours (of the day and night) has been enjoined upon the believers.” {4:103}

At another place, Allah Almighty describes the importance of prayer in the following manner;

“Verily, Salah restrains (oneself) from shameful and unjust deeds”

Many Ahadith emphasizes on importance of prayer. Prophet Muhammad SAW said;

“Between faith and unbelief is abandoning of Salah”

Salah can rightly be said the soul of Islam.

Prayer Preparation and Complete Method

Making Ablution wudu:

making ablution wudu in islam








Islam emphasizes too much on cleanliness and purity. Every divine worship of Islam is directly connected to purity and cleanliness. In the same manner, attaining cleanliness is the fundamental requirement for offering prayer. This process of cleanliness is called making ablution. Ablution or Wudhu is the part and parcel of offering prayer. Salah cannot be offered without purifying yourself through making ablution. read more information about wudu 

Neat and Clean Dress:


Salah cannot be offered in filthy dress. The dress should be neat and clean before offering prayer. A blood stain, urine splashes, any solid filth like feces, vomit splashes. All these things make the cloth useless for offering prayer. Cloth having these stains and filthy materials must be washed properly. Or you have to put on a neat and washed dress before offering prayer.

Orientation Towards Kaaba:

face to kaaba . pray salah


No matter a believer lives in East, West, North or South, he has to face Khana Kaaba for offering prayers. Orientation towards Kaaba is a must for offering prayer according to the Quran o Ahadith. you can find kaba online qibla finder 

Complete Step wise Method of Prayer:

Salah or prayer is a collection of certain movements and certain supplications (duas and Kalimat), performed on specific timings of day and night. There are certain steps that should be followed to offer prayers. These steps can be described as follows;

Qiyam (Standing):




Qiyam is the first proper step of Salah. It is an obligatory step. NO one should offer prayer while sitting on the floor or chair, unless you feel helpless by any disease.

Takbeer e Tehrima (Opening Supplication):



Takbeer e Tehrima is the second important step of prayer. It includes the declaration of magnanimity of Allah Almighty. Allah o Akbar is the beautiful expression of greatness of Allah.


Fateha and Other Sura`s recitation:

performance pray


After Takbeer e Tehrima, Sura e Fateha and any other Sura is recited during Qiyam. It is another important step in Salah.

Bowing (Rukoo):


method how to perform Rukoo

Bowing before Allah Almighty in prayer is a sign of humility and obedience to Allah Almighty. سبحان ربی العظیم    is the Tasbeeh recited in Rukoo, which is again a declaration of magnanimity of Allah Almighty.


Prostration and Jalsa (Sitting between two prostrations):

Prostration and sajda

Prostration or Sujood is an embodiment of the peak of submission and obedience of a bondsman with his Lord. A believer is supposed to submit his will and happiness in front of his Lord completely and a prostration is the best expression of submission and humility. سبحان رب الاعلی    is the tasbeeh recited during Sujood.

 Jalsa is a short sitting between two prostrations.

short setting between two position . how to pray salah in islam


Tashah`ud is the last step in offering prayer. Here in Tashah`ud duas, supplications and Darood Shareef is recited. Thus, Salah comes to end with duas and supplications.

Finish the Prayer with Tasleem:

finishing the pray with tasleem


Finish the Prayer with Tasleem: The last step in prayer after Darood Sharif and dua is Tasleem. A believer has to bend his neck to right and say “Assalam o alikum warah matullah, and then towards left and repeat the same words. This is the last step of Prayer.

 Five Obligatory Prayers:

According to Islamic teachings, there are five obligatory prayers;

  • Fajar
  • Zuhar
  • Asar
  • Maghrib
  • Isha
Total Rakat in Five time Prayer.

total rakat in five time salah namaz

Some faqs about salah

1.Devotional Prayers?

There are many devotional prayers that include Nawafil and Sunnah. The most valuable devotional prayer is Tahajjud, which is offered in the last part of night, before Fajar prayer.

2.Congregational Prayer?

Though offering prayers in mosques with other Muslims is encouraged by Islam, especially for men. But it is not obligatory. One prayer in every week is obligatory to pray in a mosque in congregation, that is Juma Prayer.

3.Common Mistakes During Salah?

There are some common mistakes that can be committed during offering Salah.

  • Some-times lacking focus becomes the common mistake during Salah.
  • Some-time one may forget the proper sequence of movements of Salah
  • One may forget the specific duas and supplications.
  • One may forget to follow the desired postures in right sequence.


Prayer is one of the most important obligatory worship according to Islamic teachings. It is said to be the “Pillar of Deen” by Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is obligatory for every believer to offer five prayers a day. There is a huge reward awarded by Allah to  the ones who establish prayer properly. Do offer your prayers five times a day, if you want to be successful in this life and in the life hereafter. QuranHost is the right place for you to learn every-thing related to prayer. We offer Islamic Teachings Online course to teach our customers everything about all the pillars of Islam, including Prayer and much more like this

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