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How to Learn Quran by yourself ?

how to learn quran by yourself

How to Learn Quran by Himself?

Today is the era of science and technology. “Online” is the next world, where we will do every routine work. So is the case with learning Quran by himself. Yes, you can learn Quran by yourself. It is only possible when you opt to learn Quran online. Learning Quran online in a reputed institute can make your self-learning a practical phenomenon. QuranHost is the best platform that can be helpful for you in your self-learning. We at QuranHost have designed many courses to make self-learning of the Quran easy and approachable for everyone.

1. What does Quran mean for a Believer:

Quran is the holy book revealed by Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is the final word of Allah, Angel Jibrael AS took verses from this book and give them to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. This book consists of 114 Chapters also called Suras. It contains not only the religious doctrine for the believers but also a complete code of life.

2. Importance of Reading Al-Quran:

Quran has unmatched importance for every believer. It is the religious obligation of every believer to learn the Al Quran. Reading, understanding, and memorizing Quran are some important steps of learning the Quran online by yourself.

3. Traditional and Modern Ways of Learning the Quran:

  • Traditionally people learn Quran in mosques and Madaris. People used to send their kids to mosques and religious institutes to learn Quran in the past.
  • Another traditional way of learning the Quran was through home tuition. People hire Quran tutors to teach the Quran to their kids.
  • Now we are living in the age of science and technology. Nowadays, people prefer to learn Quran online from home. There are several online Quran institutes, where people learn Quran online by themselves. Self-learning of the Quran from an online institute is the first choice of every Quran student, either young or grown-up.

4. Understanding the Arabic Language:

Quran was revealed in the Arabic language. Learning the Arabic language is quite helpful in understanding the Quran. Learn Arabic Online by QuranHost can be the best option to learn Arabic online by yourself. Thus paving the way for your online Quran learning.

5. Understanding Tajweed by Yourself:

Learning Quran online with Tajweed is another milestone in the journey of learn the Quran online by yourself. Learn Quran Online with Tajweed by QuranHost is a perfect course that enables you to learn Quran reading accurately by yourself.

Tajweed is a complete set of rules which makes you recite the Quran accurately and in a melodious voice.

6. Understanding Quran Memorization Online:

Quran memorization is a blessing for every believer. Every Muslim desire to memorize Quran. But it is a challenging task. We at QuranHost have compiled a comprehensive course for making Quran memorization an easy task. Quran Memorization Online by QuranHost is the best solution for all the challenges in this laborious task.

7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Learning OF QURAN:

self-learning  advantages 

  • Learn Quran by yourself is a convenient method of learning the Quran. You have to attend your class from your home.
  • It is timesaving method, as you can learn from your house. You need not leave home and reach anywhere.
  • If you are needy, you can Learn Quran Online for Fre   by self-learning from any reputed online Quran academy.

Self-learning Disadvantages

  • Learn Quran by yourself requires too much focus and concentration, which is difficult to achieve at home.
  • Learn Quran by yourself needs self-discipline, which is not an easy goal to achieve in learning from home.
  • It is a real challenge to choose a reliable online institute for self-learning.

8. Important Factors that you should take into consideration before Choosing Self-learning:

is a convenient way of learning nowadays. But we should choose it after taking into consideration many factors;

  • The first thing we should consider is to choose a reliable online institute for self-learning procedures. QuranHostcan be the best choice for you for self-learning.
  • Then you should make sure to receive the desired peaceful atmosphere at home for proper concentration.
  • Choose the Quran tutor wisely for yourself-learning from home.

9. Common Mistakes During Self-learning and how to avoid them:

  • Most of the students do not opt to learn through an online institute. They think that they may learn Quran by themselves from YouTube or any other Quran learning app. But it is a big mistake. If you want self-learning of the Quran, you should learn it through a reliable online institute like QuranHost.
  • The student considers online learning as a simple task, but remember, never underestimate the importance of hard work during online learning. Self-learning through an online institute requires more hard work and self-discipline.
  • Self-learning students hesitate to ask questions or sharing their problems with their online tutor. This mistake can be catastrophic during online learning.
  • You should build strong communication with your online tutor to get benefit from the self-learning process.
  • Online students who opt for self-learning do not consider self-discipline and time management as some key factors. They should remember that self-discipline and time management are the keys to success in the self-learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Learn Quran by youself :

What is the best age to start learning Quran?

There is no specific age for a believer to start learning the Quran. In a Muslim society, children start to learn the Quran from the very beginning.

How long does it take to learn Quranic reading?

It depends upon the mental capacity of the learner, the hard work of the student and the teacher, and the discipline of an online institute. Many students learn to read Quran within one year or so, some may take 2 to 3 years to learn to read the Quran.

Do I need a teacher to learn Al-Quran?

Yes, you need a Quran teacher to learn Al-Quran. Quran is revealed in the Arabic language, which is a foreign language for us. So, it is significant to seek help from a qualified teacher to learn Quran.

Can I learn Tajweed without a teacher?

No, it is difficult to learn Quran by Tajweed without a teacher. To learn Quran by Tajweed, a skilled and qualified teacher is vital, as it is a complete set of rules and regulations, which includes many verbal practices that you can only do under the supervision of a skilled teacher.

What are some common mistakes in Quranic reading?

Many common mistakes are done during Quran reading. Some people may pronounce the Arabic alphabet and their “Makharij” wrongly.

Some may make a mistake in punctuation, thus making it wrong.


Self-learning of the Quran is a good choice for today’s era of science and technology. The fastest pace of time does not allow people to leave home again and again for school and for mosques to learn the Quran. It is better to choose to learn Quran from home through an online institute. A wise choice for an online institute to self-learn the Quran can be helpful. There are some mistakes that many people make during their self-learning journey. You can avoid those mistakes by simply keeping some factors in view. Self-learning through QuranHost can be a wise choice for you to learn Quran. You can Get a Free Trial to start your self-learning journey with QuranHost.

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