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How Can a Busy Person Study Quran Regularly? Tips to Quran memorization


During our busy lives, we often forget the recital and learning of the Holy Quran by heart. It is essential to keep your Quran memorization on track to avoid further memory loss issues. If you are a busy worker seeking ways to learn the Holy Quran peacefully, then you have landed in the right place.

Fortunately, with the evolution of the online world and the wealth of resources, you have got an excellent opportunity to effortlessly learn Quran online and access handy tools and applications at any time of the day.

We will provide you with a few of the best ideas to maintain your recitation despite being extremely busy. Since the Quran is a word of God and code of life, you can’t overlook it in any case.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it and make your recitation easier, and break down your schedule.

Wake Up Early in the Morning

Wake up early in the morning, get your house chores done swiftly. In this way, you will save some amount of time in your hands to do something differently. You can optimize this time to memorize Quran online. With some great apps and sites, you can easily rely upon this software that integrates an interactive environment. With the latest technology used and exciting sessions, there’s a greater chance you will find online Quran sessions quite productive and smooth. 

Learn After Every Prayer

It’s a good idea to read and recite the Holy book after every salah you perform. Alongside the benefits, you get n incredible opportunity to maximize your reading time with utmost concentration and focus. So, ensure you don’t abscond after reading Namaz, wait for 15-20 minutes, and spend some moments with the words of God.

Teach Others

If this is something you can do, then reciting and getting proficient in learning the Quran will be a piece of cake for you. Honing the Holy Quran has many benefits, and distributing the proficiency has even more. The good news is that you can teach your students online rather than traveling to homes and losing precious time. You may enroll yourself in a renowned institute and teach someone professionally for a few hours. This is one of the greatest ideas to memorize, teach, and earn at the same time.

Learn Less But Don’t Overskip

Another important point to consider. While you intend to recite the Holy Quran, it is advisable not to skip it by any deliberate means. Make sure you are learning the Quran daily regardless of your pace. Your pace has nothing to do, especially when you are busy and couldn’t separate the time. By learning the Quran daily, you will build momentum and memorize it in less time than expected.

Final Words

Ensure that you revise what you have learned earlier, so you don’t forget it. Brainstorm and practice before starting to cement the Holy words and imprint them in your mind. Also, if you are struggling with commencing the Quran, don’t hesitate to reach the best Quran tutors online who are available to serve you at any time of day.

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