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How Does Islam Defines Racism


Racism is quite a known term all over the globe as it has been numerous times history has witnessed racism and its consequences. What is thought-provoking is the fact that the concept of racism is subjected to extreme mindset and hatred towards people from various cultures and ethnicities and people are made to suffer due to this issue both mentally, physically, and even professionally. Islam is a religion that strongly addresses the concept of racism and shares a great point of view on how this concept is nothing but a factor of spreading ill-will in society.

This read provides you with significant know-how about the Islamic point of view of racism. 

Islam does not allow racism as the believers of Islam belong to various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Islam teaches Muslims tolerance and patience towards each other and the similar has been addressed in the Holy Quran by Allah SWT along with the mentioned teachings.


Islam gives the absolute message of justice. No matter what the background and even religion of the person is, he deserves to be served justice by the law of the state. Allah SWT has incorporated this message in Surah Maida where He has commanded His creation to stand a witness when needed for the provision of justice and fair dealing. The verses also communicate the message that one should not take decisions on the basis of hatred towards a particular sect, religion, or culture.


Allah SWT has addressed this multiple times that no human being is superior to another. Everyone is equal in the eyes of Islamic laws be it a person from religion other than Islam. Superior is only the one who is the most righteous and pious and performs deeds that are likable and noteworthy in the eyes of Allah. Wealth, power, and fame are just worldly recognition, one should not get into them completely and should not think of them as superior beings. Learn Quran online and you will find Surah Hujarat having a brief message on this matter.

No Discrimination

Islam does not encourage discrimination and has clearly addressed the concept Surah Baqarah where Allah SWT has stated that everyone is entirely free to choose their religion and belief and cannot be forced or discriminated against for choosing their religious beliefs.

Islam has provided a complete code of life for every issue that exists in society. Find yourself a Quran tutor online and learn about the teachings of Islam and Sunnah so that you can implement them in real life and make the best out of whatever you do. Be an example to others and avoid racist behavior. Be fair in your day-to-day dealings. Provide people with basic amenities justly and do not judge them on the basis of their religion or sect.  Condemn such acts in your surroundings and make the people aware of the teachings of Islam and the perspective of humanity. Only then can you create this world a better place to live.


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