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online Quran Courses for children and children

Online Quran classes for kids & children

If you are a parent and also you are looking for the best Quran courses for your children, QuranHost is the best choice. QuranHost is a reputable online platform that offers a variety of Quranic courses in English. These courses in English are meant to cater to the needs of young learners. QuranHost is the most reliable online Quran institute that offers the best Quran courses for children in America, Canada, Australia, and all other foreign countries. Here are some of the Quran courses we offer the children are:

Quranic Reading (Tajweed) Course:

QuranHost offers the best course for the child,who want to read Quran. We have hired many skilled and dedicated Quran teachers for Quranic Arabic courses for children. In this course, children learn the Quran online with Tajweed. Our devoted Quran tutors teach learn Quran online course, one of the best courses for children.

Quran Memorization (Hifz) Course:

Quran Memorization is one of the greatest virtues according to Islamic teachings. QuranHost has designed a specialized Quran memorization course for the kids. It is the best online course for children. We conduct the course under the supervision of our learned and trained Qura’a. We aim to make the challenging task of the Quran memorization easy. Our dedicated Quran tutors provide their services 24/7. They make sure to deliver Quality Quran education.

Quran Translation and Tafsir Course:

Quran translation and tafseer e Quran is the best way to comprehend the Quran. QuranHost provides a fabulous learn the Quran online with a Tafseer course. This course is the best course for children offered by the QuranHost. Our learned Islamic scholars teach this course.

Quranic Duas and Surahs Course:

It is one of the best courses for children by QuranHost. This course includes Quranic duas and supplications. Our teachers teach different duas which the children recite on various occasions. This course, is meant for tiny kids to teach them about the basic supplications in the teachings of Islam. This course also contains selective Surahs of the Quran. Students memorize these Surahs in this course.

Islamic Studies for Kids course:

We offer this course to educate our kids about the basic teachings of Islam. This course includes fundamental Islamic studies. It is one of the best courses for children offered by Quranhost. Our enthusiastic Quran tutors work hard to educate you about the primary beliefs of Islam through this course.

Salient Features of Courses Offered by QuranHost:

QuranHost has offered many courses that are the best courses for children. Here are some salient features of the courses;

1. One-on-One Tutoring:

QuranHost offers exclusive classes for every client. Every student attends one session with their teachers. This one-on-one interaction of the teacher and the student enhances the learning outcomes.

2. Interactive Learning Environment:

QuranHost has created a devoted learning atmosphere for our valued clients. This interactive learning atmosphere is one of the reasons why our clients are satisfied with our institute. A collaborative learning environment is necessary for a successful learning process.


QuranHost has offered many of the best courses for children. These courses include Quranic reading online, Quran memorization, learning the Quran with Tafseer online, and many more courses. Connect with QuranHost to be a part of these splendid courses for children. We know how to tackle the young, emerging, and eager minds of children.

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