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Prize Distribution Annual Ceremony of QuranHost | Celebrating Quranic Education

prize distribution ceremony

The Significance of QuranHost’s Prize Distribution Ceremony

QuranHost is one of the pioneers in the field of online Quran teaching. We so far have achieved many mile stones as one of the prominent online Quran institutes around the globe. We have hired highly qualified, trained and competent teachers for our client`s satisfaction. We recently achieved and celebrated an important milestone of attaining more than one hundred best reviews on Trustpilot, which is indeed a great achievement. We, as an institute strongly believe that all our achievements are due to the untiring efforts of our hardworking teachers. So we arrange an annual celebration to distribute awards and cash prizes among our staff members. It was a prize distribution ceremony as well as an annual dinner in the honor of our respected staff members. Its primary purpose was to encourage the staff of the institute and present them a token of appreciation for their devotion and tirless efforts. It was also aimed at thanking the teaching as well as managerial staff for their sincere efforts that they are putting forward toward s the institute. It was held on 23 January, 2023. Honorable CEO of QuranHost Dr. Muhammad Irfan hosted, he was also the chief guest of the party. He distributed shields, certificates and cash prize among the staff members. These shields, certificates and cash prizes are a token of appreciation for the staff. They also determine the affection of our honorable CEO towards the whole team, working for the institute. Here we present the pictorial description of the annual function;

Preparation for the Ceremony

The function started in the name of Allah, Qari Adil Amin recited the Holy Quran to start the function properly.


qari adil amin recitation of Quran




The shields and the awards presented to the respected staff members from The CEO of QuranHost, Dr. Muhammad Irfan.

award of Quran Host


Background of stage, beautifully decorated for the ceremony.


annual day summary

Honorable CEO QuranHost attending the ceremony. Dr. Muhammad Irfan was attending the ceremony as a host as well as the chief guest.


guest of Quranhost



The Awards were distributed in the following categories.

The Most Excellent Teachers of QuranHost in 2022.

  • This award was presented to our three teachers showing their excellent performance round the year. The award is given to two females and one male teacher.

1.Miss Syeda Minahil Shaheed    (First Position)


best Teacher award





2.Dr Amany Mahmoud Nawar, (Egypt)


dr amany mahmound nawar (egypt) teacher of year award





3.Qari Muhammad Abbas, 3rd Position.

Qari Muhammad abbas receving his award





Best Performance Award for Male Teachers

This award   given to three teachers, who worked with complete devotion and dedication throughout the year.

1.Qari Muhammad Dawood Akbar.

2.Arif Iqbal

molana arif iqbal

3. Qari Habibullah

Qari habib ullah





Best Performance Award for Female Teachers:

This award was presented to three female teachers for their outstanding and great performance throughout the year. This award was presented to our three dedicated female teachers. The award was presented to the following teachers;

1.Summaiya Malik

miss summaiya malik with her award


2.Rahila Asif

miss raheela asif





3.Radia Mustafa (Egypt)

Radia Mostafa (egypt)


Super satisfier award

Another category of Awards was Super Satisfier Award. This award was presented to the teachers who took the most successful trial classes of year 2022. They make our clients happy and satisfied with their trial classes. This award was presented to three male and three female teachers. The teachers are as follows.

1.Abdallah Nader (Egypt)

shaikh abdullah nadir (egypt)





2.Qari Ubaid ullah

Qari ubaid Ullah





3.Muhammad Adil Jan.


muhammad adil jan sb



Super Satisfier Award for females.

1.Esraa Mohammad Youssef ( Egypt  )

Esraa mohammad yousaf (egypt)




2.Syeda Manahil Shaheed.




3.Amany Mahmoud Nawar ( Egypt  )

dr amany mahmound nawar (egypt) teacher of year award





Stand Our Performance Award:

This award was presented to both the male and female teachers. The list is as follows;

1.Qazi Muhammad Iqrar.

shaikh Qazi muhammad iqrar

2.Abdallah Nader.

shaikh abdullah nadir (egypt)


3.Muhammad Adil Jan


muhammad adil jan sb





Stand out Performance Award

The female teachers who were awarded by Stand our Performance Award are as follows;

1.Aya Ali


2.Noshaba Saeed

miss noshaba award

3.Rahila Asif

miss raheela asif




High Efficiency Award

Another important category of Award was High Efficiency Award 2022. This award was presented to @Sheikh Hani fur Rahman


shaikh hanif ur rahman




Dedicated Employee of QuranHost Award

The Most Dedicated Employee of QuranHost Award was given to @ Qari Adil Amin for his 5 year successful teaching career in QuranHost.

shaikh adil amin



Best Teacher`s Trainer Award

Best Teacher`s Trainer Award was presented to Mrs. Rimsha Sajjad

Mrs. Rimsha Sajjad


Five-Star Customer Service Award

Last but not the least was Five-Star Customer Service Award, 2022. This award was presented to our most senior customer Service Manager @ Mian Aqeeq Shah for his outstanding performance dedication for the institution.


CEO of Quran Host Speeches

ceo dr hafiz muhmmad irfan addressingAfter the distribution of awards and certificates, honorable CEO Dr. Muhammad Irfan addressed the gathering. He paid tribute to the staff members and said,

“Today, we gather to celebrate our team`s hard work and determination. It`s been a long journey, filled with ups and downs, but we`ve made it to this moment, and I am proud of each of you. You are the ones who put in the long hours, who sacrificed your own time and energy to reach your goal, and who never gave up even when things got tough. Remember that success is not about being the best, it`s about giving your best. And I can tell you with certainty that every one of you has given your best to get this success where we are now.

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