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6 Tips For Kids & Beginners On How To Learn Noorani Qaida Better

Online Noorani Qaida for Kids :Everyone who starts with their Quran learning process doesn’t just dive right into reading the Quran. Whether it’s a kid or a convert who is just starting out with their journey of Quranic learning. They all begin with the Noorani Qaida. It is the perfect way for kids and beginners to begin, as it is the most basic platform to learn Arabic letters, pronunciation and conjugation.

That is why it is perfect for everyone, especially those who don’t have any previous knowledge of how Arabic works and how to read the Quran. But not everyone is made equal, and some have a harder time comprehending it than others, for whatever reasons.

So, if you or your child is having trouble with the Noorani Qaida. then they can follow these tips to help them out.

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How To Improve Noorani Qaida Learning

  • Take Your Time With The Fundamentals

Every good learning experience has a strong base. The fundamentals have to be strong before you move on to the next part. Unfortunately, many people don’t focus on that. Instead, they focus on moving quickly through the Learn Noorani Qaida, flipping through the pages instead of paying attention. That leads to a weak base, which can trouble them later on and give them trouble with retention, and slow their progress rate. Focus on the fundamentals, don’t think you are wasting time by moving slowly through the Noorani Qaida.

  • Don’t Forget To Revise!

Revision is a universal concept in any academic endeavor. You can’t miss revision. Otherwise, you will have trouble retaining information in an appropriate manner and just reading something once isn’t enough to make sure that it sticks. That is why revision is recommended for anyone trying to learn anything. And with something as complicated as learning the basics of Quranic Arabic. you have to make sure to focus on revision a lot.

  • Don’t Forget Allah’s Award

Learning the Arabic language is a noble endeavor. Not only is it the language of the Holy Quran, but the entire culture and heritage of Islam as a whole have Arabic as a foundational element. In fact, it is the language of the universe, as defined by Allah. He has said that those who teach the Quran and those who learn it are the best amongst everyone, as it contains all Islamic teachings. So, learning the language to comprehend those teachings is a pretty logical choice.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of learning Arabic, click here.

  • Enroll In A Noorani Qaida Course

Quranhost The best way to ensure that someone gets the hang of Quranic Arabic is to enroll into a learn Noorani Qaida course. Teachers can provide online platform, and Here courses can be found online that you can give him proper, one-on-one focus. This way, if they have any confusion or issues . they will clear them up quite easily, and they can even learn at their own pace . While the teacher will be patient with them and teach them all the appropriate ways of pronunciation and train them to learn more efficiently and fruitfully.

  • Learn At A Specific Time Of Day

This advice doesn’t directly relate to the learning process. but it does relate to discipline and retention. If you set a certain or specific time of day. then you are setting a schedule for yourself. After a while, your brain will program itself to fall into learning mode at that time and improve retention. Over time, a huge increase in progression will be seen with minimal effort, as learning becomes second nature.

  • Don’t Give Up!

At the end of the day, the biggest tip is not giving up. People make mistakes, especially children who are just starting out and don’t really have much knowledge about this topic. But despite these mistakes, it is important that they don’t get disheartened and they keep learning. One day, surely they will get there and cross that threshold and move to actually learn the Holy Quran in a smooth and efficient manner.

To Wrap Up

So,  The tips that should be kept in mind. Noorani Qaida might seem scary to kids or even converts.  Who’s don’t have much knowledge about these kinds of studies. but with consistency and discipline, learning the Noorani Qaida will become easy and simple. At the end of the day, remember that you are doing this for Allah and for your own faith, and you will persevere.

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