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6 Benefits of Learning Arabic That You Should Know

Of over 7000 spoken languages in the world right now. Arabic is at #6, with almost 280 million speakers all over the world. And any Muslim knows how important Arabic is to Islamic culture, history, and Islam as a whole. There are many different types of Arabic dialects and forms. The dialect of Arabic that the Holy Quran uses is known as Classic Arabic or Quranic Arabic.

As for Arabic speakers in the Middle East : in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Modern Standard Arabic, aka MSA, is used. And then there are further dialects in other Middle Eastern countries.

For just about anyone else. learning Arabic is the same as any other language. But when it comes to Muslims, learning Arabic comes with its own set of advantages that we will be discussing in this blog.

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How Learning Arabic. Can it’s Benefices  For You

  • The Chosen Language by Allah (SWT)

benefits of learning Arabic has a high status. In fact, it has the highest status among all worldly languages because Allah (SWT) chose it as the language that governed over all other languages. The Holy Quran itself is written in Arabic, and it is spoken by the protectors of The Holy Ka’ba. This makes it a holy language and should be motivation enough for Muslims to learn how to speak it, regardless of their mother tongue.

Arabic has over 12.3 million words, the most that any language in the world has. And Allah has passed down the language onto earth because it is the true language, and it has subtle characteristics that make it special among all languages.

  • The Holy Quran’s Inimitability & The Arabic Language

The Quran is inimitable. That means that the Quran is written and composed in a way that no other language could match the eloquence, elegance, and beauty of its text. And people say that is because only Arabic is able to achieve that level of eloquence and, therefore, unmatchable.

And due to this existing inimitability, the Holy Quran lies clear of all other holy books in terms of content. So, the advantage of learning Arabic is that only an Arabic speaker can truly understand and comprehend the beauty of the language. Quran Host has highly qualified and professional Online Quran tutors from all over the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. And they can understand how the Quran really is inimitable.

  • A Key to Islamic Heritage

Arabic has been a key part of Islamic heritage for over 1400 years. From the Quran to the authentic Sunnah to other Islamic elements, Arabic plays a key part in the composition of all of them. So, those who want to get close to their religion should also be learning the beautiful Arabic language.

With over fourteen centuries of cultural and religious heritage, Arabic is one of the linguistically richest languages out there.

  • Increase Sincerity in Worshipping Allah (SWT)

The more meaningful your prayers are, the more likely it is Allah (SWT) will accept them. And the more meaningful they are, the closer you will get to Islam. If you understand what you are saying during salah or reading the Quran . if you don’t have to rely on finding out the translation from somewhere else. And if you understand what you are saying. and then you can truly make sure that you mean the words that you are speaking.

You can better comprehend the Quran and understand its teachings. You can truly understand the subtleties of the messages in the Quran and understand the overall structure and formulation. And you can truly experience the Quran as it was written, rather than reading any sort of translations that don’t measure up to it.

  • Avoid Misinterpretation

Speaking of truly experiencing the Quran. Translations as a whole have a lot of problems with them. No language can fully and accurately translate into another language. Many issues arise, missing words can give trouble, and even personal and subjective interpretation can become an issue.

To avoid these issues and avoid any sort of misinterpretation of the messages. so Islam is trying to put forward, you can learn Arabic and learn without any sort of barriers or issues.

  • The Increasing Demand for Arabic-Speakers Around The World.

Learning Arabic can also have advantages in the business field. The number of Muslims and Arabic speakers all around the world has been growing steadily and slowly. And even in the west, there are many places where a lot of Arabic speakers live.

So, learning Arabic can actually broaden people’s horizons from a business sense. There are translator jobs available in many places, and, in general, communicating with people who speak Arabic becomes much easier.

To Wrap Up

Learning Arabic will not only get you closer to your religion. But its will give you a skill that you can utilize appropriately.

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