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25 Prophets Mentioned in Holy Quran

prophet mentioned in Holy Quran

25 prophets of Islam and their stories

Quran e Kareem is the divine message of Allah SWT, which is revealed for the Muslims to read, understand and follow. It consists of religious beliefs, rules and regulations for every-day life, dues and supplications and many other important subjects are discussed in Holy Quran. A very important subject which is discussed in Quran e Kareem is the stories and incidents from the lives of apostles of Allah SWT. Allah Almighty sent more or less 1 lack, twenty-four thousand prophets towards humanity. All of them brought the message of Allah to the humanity. But all of them are not mentioned in the Quran by their names. There are 25 prophets, who are mentioned in Quran e Kareem by their names and brief descriptions about them and their followers. Let’s talk about all 25 apostles of Allah SWT.


24 prophets name mentation in Quran

Prophet Adam AS, the First Prophet

Hazrat Adam, May Allah be pleased with Him, was the first human being created by Allah SWT. ADAM AS was the first prophet of Allah, as mentioned in Quran e Kareem. He was created out of clay, according to Quran e Kareem. Adam AS is mentioned 25 times in The Holy Quran. He stayed in heaven for some time with his wife, Amman Hawwa (Eve). Later on, they were sent down to earth. 

Hazrat Idrees AS :

Prophet Idrees AS is one of the earliest prophets of Allah SWT. He is mentioned only twice in the Holy Quran. In Sura e Maryam, he is mentioned in verse no 55 as “the true prophet of Allah.” In Sura tul Ambia, he is mentioned along with Hazrat Ismail AS and Hazrat Zul’kifl AS. There is only a brief introduction of prophet Idrees AS in Quran e Kareem. It is said that he was the first person to start writing with pen and that he was raised towards the skies with his complete live body. These incidents are not mentioned in the Quran e Kareem. 

Prophet Nuh AS :

Hazrat Nuh AS is one of the earliest and most important messengers of Allah SWT. Allah sent to non-believers to preach the oneness of Allah. He preached for almost 950 years to non-believers. But only a handful of people believed his message. Allah SWT sent a huge flood as a punishment for the disbelievers. His wife and one of his sons were also disbelievers, so they drowned in the great flood. Nuh AS is mentioned 43 times in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Hud AS :

Prophet Hud AS was sent to Aad, a nation known to be destroyed by wind, blown for seven days and eight nights. They were disbelievers and turned a deaf ear to Allah’s message. Prophet Hud AS was said to be the first prophet to speak the Arabic language. He was the first Arabic prophet. He is mentioned 7 times in The Holy Quran. 

Prophet Salih AS :

Hazrat Salih AS is one of the most famous prophets of Allah SWT. His miracle was the birth of a camel from a stone. He was an Arabic prophet and was sent to Thamud. Allah SWT punished them for their arrogance and disobedience to Allah’s message. He is mentioned 9 times in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Ibraheem AS :

Hazrat Ibraheem AS is one of the most important messengers of Allah SWT. He is called “Jaddul Ambia,” i.e., Father of the Prophets. Allah SWT sent seventy thousand prophets from His descendants, including the last and final prophet, Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon Him. He is mentioned 69 times in different verses of the Holy Quran. 

Prophet Ismail AS : 

Hazrat Ismail AS was the son of prophet Ibrahim AS. Allah SWT ordered Prophet Ibraheem AS to sacrifice his youngster son, Hazrat Ismail AS, for the sake of Allah. He AS obeyed the order and brought Ismail AS to slaughter. But Allah SWT replaced him with a sheep. Prophet Ismail AS is the forefather of Arabs. He is mentioned 12 times in the Quran e Kareem. 

Prophet Ishaq AS :

Prophet Ishaq AS is the forefather of Jews. He was blessed uniquely by Allah SWT. His father was a prophet. He himself, his son Yaqoob AS, and his grandson Yousuf AS all of them were prophets of Allah. He was blessed with more than 70,000 apostles of Allah from his descends, who are called Bani Israel.

Prophet Lut AS :

Prophet Lut AS is mentioned 17 times in the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty sent him to the people of Sodom. He was Ibraheem AS’s nephew. His nation indulged in homosexuality. All the men and women indulged in this grievous crime. He preached to them to leave this crime. But they did not follow his preaching. At last, Allah SWT stoned the whole nation till death, rained from the sky.

Prophet Yaqoob AS :

Prophet Yaqoob AS was the son of prophet Ishaq AS. His famous name is Israel. His offsprings are famous by the name “children of Israel,” which means Bani Israel. He is mentioned 16 times in the Holy Quran. 

Prophet Yousuf AS :

Prophet Yousuf AS was a great-grandson of Hazrat Ibrahim AS. He was said to be the most handsome and most beautiful person in the history of mankind. He was thrown into a well by his step-brothers out of jealousy. But then Allah made specific arrangements for Him, and he became the Chief Minister of Egypt. His story is denoted by “Ahsan ul Qasas” (the most beautiful story) by Allah SWT in the Holy Quran. He is mentioned 17 times in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Shuaib AS :

Hazrat Shuaib AS was sent to the people of Madyan. People there were dishonest in their business dealings and were highway robbers. Prophet Shoaib AS preached to them not to indulge in this wrathful sin. But they did not leave their evil practice. Allah Almighty punished them with a terrible cry along with an earth quack. They were all buried alive.

Prophet Ayyub AS :

Prophet Ayyub AS was a rich and blessed person. He was tested by the downfall in his wealth and properties, the death of his sons and daughters, and, most painful, the downfall in his health. But he remained firm and showed great patience all the befalling. His great patience is now a well-known proverb. Allah SWT mentions him four times in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Younus AS :

Prophet Younus AS is mentioned four times in the Holy Quran. He left his people after being disappointed before Allah’s will. So he was swallowed by a whale for forty days. He then asked for Allah’s forgiveness. Allah sent him back to his people, and his nation repented of their sins and believed in the message of Allah.

Prophet Dhul-Kifl AS :

There is only very little information available about prophet Dhul-Kifl AS. He is mentioned twice in the Holy Quran. Some scholars believe that he was the son of Prophet Ayyub AS. But this is not an exact thing about him.

Prophet Musa AS and Prophet Haroon AS :

Both of the prophets mentioned above were real brothers. Musa AS is the most mentioned prophet in the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty mentions him 136 times in the Holy Quran, and Hazrat Haroon AS is mentioned 20 times in the Holy Quran. Wicked Pharoh ordered the murder of all the infant sons of children of Israel. Still, in the meanwhile, Allah SWT sent him to Pharaoh’s palace, and he was brought up by Pharoh’s wife, Syeda Aasia, who was a noble lady.

Prophet Ilyas and Al’yasaa AS :

Allah Almighty mentions both of these prophets only twice in the Holy Quran. There is not enough information about these prophets.

Prophet Daud AS and Prophet Sulaiman AS :

Prophet Daud AS and Prophet Sulaiman AS are the most magnificent prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran. Both of them were rulers. Sulaiman AS is said to be ruled over not only human beings but also the Jinns, animals, insects, and even on air. Allah Almighty mentions Daud AS 16 times and Sulaiman AS 17 times in the Holy Quran.

Zakriya AS and Yahya AS :

Both of these prophets are the father and the son. Allah Almighty 

gave birth to Yahya AS miraculously at his ripe age while his mother was unfertile. 

Isa AS (Jesus Christ, Peace be upon him) :

Maryam AS gave birth to Hazrat Isa AS miraculously in virginity. He is the prophet who’s followers are the maximum in number. Allah Almighty mentions him by name 25 times, as Massiha 11 times, and as Ibn e Maryam (Son of Maryam AS) 23 times in Quran e Kareem. 

Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him :

Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last and final prophet of Allah. Allah sent him to the people of Arabia. He came with the final revelation of Allah Almighty. The last and final divine message in the form of the Quran e Kareem has revealed on Prophet Muhammad SAW. Allah Almighty sent every prophet throughout the history of mankind for only a specific nation. But Prophet Muhammad SAW was sent to the whole of mankind till the day of judgment.


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