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what is Quran, why should we learn Quran?

what is Quran. why should we learn Quran online.

Allah Almighty sent almost 1 lack 24 thousand apostles towards mankind to teach and preach them Allah’s message. Among this much large number of prophets, only four were given holy scriptures. These holy scriptures include

  • Zaboor_ bestowed upon to Hazrat Dawood AS.
  • Toraat_ bestowed upon to Mosses PBUH
  • Bible_ bestowed upon to Jesus Crist PBUH
  • Last but not the least is:
  • The Holy Quran_ revealed upon Prophet Muhammad SAW

Quran_ The Last Revelation of Allah:

Quran is the final and last revelation of Allah SWT which was revealed on Prophet Muhammad SAW. Quran is not only a divine message for Muslims to read. But it is also a book which Muslims should learn and understand. QuranHost is one of the best platforms to learn and read the Al Quran.

Subjects of Quran:

Quran itself is a miracle. Allah Almighty has taken responsibility for its protection, and more than 1400 years have passed. Quran is completely safe from any alteration. Even every punctuation of the Quranic language is completely unchanged, since 14 centuries. As far as subjects of the Quran are concerned, there are several subjects the Quran deals in. If we learn Quran and understand it, we’ll find the following subjects of the Quran

  • Domestic laws and jurisprudence
  • Stories of different ancient nations
  • Stories of different apostles of Allah Almighty, sent towards different nations
  • Duas and supplications

You can enjoy a great experience of learning Quran, online in a comprehensive way with Quran Host.

A Complete guide book:

Quran is not only a religious scripture consisting on duas, supplications, containing some ancient stories and things like that. It is a complete code of life. When we read Quran, we learn the basic code of spending our lives according to Allah’s will. We learn the right and wrong, good and bad, lawful and unlawful, when we read Al Quran. We learn that which path leads us to righteousness and which one towards wickedness, when we read Quran. You can read and understand Quran with QuranHost Online Academy.

Why Reading Quran Important For Muslims in Today’s World:

Reading Quran is one of the most important religious obligations of every Muslim. Every Muslim should know how to read Quran. It is the factor which determines the intensity of a Muslim’s faith. A loyal and faithful Muslim makes Quran reading part and parcel of his life. Reading Quran is an important activity in a Muslim’s everyday routine. To read Quran, especially in an era full of believers with staggering faith, is especially significant. We, as Muslims, should try our best to strengthen our beliefs. We should build a close connection with Holy Quran to make a strong makeshift of our faith. So, to read the Quran in this modern age, when people are going astray from their belief and faith, building a strong bond with Islam can be made stronger by reading the Quran. In today’s age of science and technology, Quran Host gives every Muslim an opportunity to learn Quran online free.

How Can Quran Make You a Better Person:

When we read Quran, we learn some basic ethics and principles, that can transform us into a better person. Some of these ethical values are as follows.

  • Speak the truth, no matter it hurts you.
  • Always earn your livelihood with lawful means.
  • Do not deceive any body.
  • Do unto others, as you wish others to do unto you.
  • Always maintain a balance in your everyday matters

There is a long and in fact unlimited list of righteous deeds, which can transform us into a better person, whenever we read Quran.

Practical Examples of Transformation of Wicked and Bad Human Beings to Better Human Beings:

If we study the lives of the companions of the Holy Prophet SAW, who are called Sahaba. We can observe a drastic change in the lives of all Sahaba e Kiram. Arabs were very much into lying. Alcohol was their ordinary drink, just like water. They used to bury their infant daughters alive. They used to marry their stepmothers. There were great battles among different tribes only on petty issues. They used to quarrel with one another on water springs. They have pathetic ethical values.

But the moment they start reading the Quran and bonding with it, they become totally different from their actual nature. The ever-lying nation transformed into a most truthful nation. They quit alcoholism for good. They became the most peaceful nation in the world.

To Read Quran online:

Covid 19 transformed the world into a different world. Every product which was being sold on the ground was instantly shifted into an online product. Similar was the case with every type of learning. Every field of learning and teaching also shifted to online. The same was the case with Quran learning. Quran learning and reading have shifted to online. Many online Quran teachers and Quran institutions were built. Till then, reading Quran online has become a normal thing nowadays. QuranHost is one of the most reliable sources for learning the Quran online.

How can you get started with reading Quran online:

Reading Quran online is as simple as you go to kitchen, fill a glass of water and drink it. To read Quran online, you just have to get yourself enrolled in an online Quran institute. You only have to contact an online forum, that is specifically created for teaching Quran online. And you just start reading Quran online. You can contact with QuranHost whenever you wish to learn Quran online.

How Fast Should One Read Quran Online:

Quran orders the Muslims to recite Quran in a slow place

“ورتِلِ القُرآنٙ ترتیلاً

We are ordered by Allah SWT to recite Quran in a slow pace. So is the case with reading Quran online. We should read Quran in a slow pace, so that we may understand its complete meanings and understandings.

Advantages Of Reading Quran Online:

Reading Quran online has many advantages and disadvantages at the same time. First, we will discuss the advantages of reading the Quran online.

  • Online teachers and institutes are highly accessible for students worldwide. Any student can join any online academy to read Quran online.
  • Online Quran academies are financially affordable for students of every class of society. Most online Quran academies charge a reasonable fee for teaching Quran online. Quran Host provides you with online learning of the Quran at a reasonable and affordable fee. you can check fee structure 
  • Quranhost Quran Academies offer 24-hour services, so there is ultimate flexibility of timing for every student to join online Quran classes with his ease. This is the best feature for people living in different regions. Quran Host provides the facility to every student.
  • Online Quran teachers can easily develop a one-on-one interaction with every student, as every student is given an exclusive session.
  • Students in online academies can have prompt feedback from the students and their parents. Similarly, the students can get quick feedback from the teacher as the classes are exclusive. see QuranHost Testimonial

Disadvantages of Learning Quran Online:

Every phenomenon has its advantages and disadvantages. The same is the case with online Quran teaching and learning. Here are some disadvantages of online Quran learning.

  • Students who learn and read Quran online are socially inactive. They lack face-to-face interaction with other students and other people. So they remain socially passive.
  • There is no face-to-face interaction between the teacher and the student. This is why the students do not have a strong affiliation with their teacher.
  • The students who read Quran in online Quran academies lack the sense of competition as well as the sense of achievement. Competition always creates enthusiasm and passion. When two competitors compete and ultimately, one of them wins, that sense of achievement always lacks

in students reading in online Quran academies.


If we conclude the above discussion in a nutshell, we can say that we should strengthen our bond with the Quran, which is the last and final message of Allah SWT. We should learn to read Quran either on the ground or in any online academy. QuranHost is one of the best and most affordable online Quran learning academies, which offers its services worldwide.  you can sign up for hifz Quran online at Quran Host. We have excellent and certified tutors who will guide you through the process. There is a class for everyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional.

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